Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chuggington Giveaway @ The Mommy-Files

The Mommy-Files has an awesome Chuggington giveaway going on right now. This ends today so hurry and get your entries in here.


Pamela said...

I noticed in your "about me" section that you said you take pride in staying home to raise you boys.

I applaud your decision (and the husband who helps make it happen). You will never be sorry you made this decision and the benefits to your children will be too many to number.

Amy said...

I agree with the previous comment - you will never regret it. I just recently took that step too and quit my full-time job to have more time with my two boys.

I nominated you for a blogger award. Check out and check it out!

~ Amy from Harvest For Tomorrow

Danielle said...

Thanks ladies. I appreciate the support from other Mom's. I will admit that it's very hard some days to not be able to go to work and get away for a little while but I wouldn't change my decision for anything. I have the best husband who supports my decision and works long hours to make it happen.
Thanks so much Amy for the nomination!!

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