Monday, May 23, 2011

Eversave Deals (5/23)

Check out todays Eversave deals!

Today's Save: Case-Mate

Today's Save:Spend $10 and pick up $20 worth of protective cases for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, smartphone and more, plus enjoy free shipping from

Expires 11:59 PM - May 25, 2011

Bonus Save: Peggy Bank

Today's Save:$35 for $100 worth of photo, video, and audio conversion services, plus free shipping and shipping materials, from

Expires 11:59 PM - May 24, 2011

Bonus Save: Ok! magazine

Today's Save:Get a year of OK! magazine for less than 50¢ per issue! (51 issues)

Expires 11:59 PM - May 23, 2011

Bonus Save: Gifts For You Now

Today's Save:$20 for $40 worth of fun, personalized products from

Expires 11:59 PM - May 23, 2011

Bonus Save:

Today's Save:$40 for $80 worth of flattering designer swimsuits from - plus free shipping!

Expires 11:59 PM - May 27, 2011

Bonus Save: MojoMilk

Today's Save:$10 for two boxes of nutritious, delicious probiotic chocolate milk mix from MojoMilk ($20 value)

Expires 11:59 PM - May 23, 2011


AmberFaith said...

Hello! Newest follower from the Give It To Me Monday blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


DanielleCorrelle said...

Hi! Stopping by and following from Bloggy Moms. I saw your post in the PA Bloggers group, and thought it was just crazy that we both live in Dover!! :o) AND, my name is Danielle, haha. My girls are 3 and 4 and I'm a stay at home mom as well, my husband volunteers at station 9. When I posted my intro in the group I just said I was in York Co. :o) Anywayyys, I just had to say HI. :o)


DanielleCorrelle said...

Oh you're welcome. I hesitated to comment because I thought I might sound a bit...stalkerish? Haha...but really I was just amused that is such a small world. :o)


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