Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey Brains Review

My boys are totally obsessed with looking "cool". They love clothes with skulls and guitars, temporary tattoos, and hair with spikes and mohawks. Please keep in mind my boys are only 5 and 2.. I'm so afraid to think of what they'll be obsessed with in the tween and teen years!
About Monkey Brains: Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows you to express yourself. To be fun, be cool and be yourself! Look around. How many styles do you spot everyday: spikes, fauxhawks, and controlled messiness... Everyone you see is sporting an individual look! With 2 Gels, 2 Glues, a Pomade, a Hair Refresher and a Shampoo and Conditioner you will be able to rock whatever hairstyle you're feelin' at that moment.One day you don't feel like getting in the shower and the next you're searching for the hair gel. But you're confident about how you want to look on any given day. Monkey Brains gives you the tools to look cool and have fun doing it.
We got to review the Gone Bananas Hair Refresher and the Twisted Sticky Hair Glue. The first thing I noticed about Monkey Brains is the smell.. It smells amazing! I used the Gone Bananas Hair Refresher on the boys in the morning and their hair still smelled yummy at bedtime. The next morning after getting dressed, the boys were begging me for spiky hair so we got out our Twisted Sticky Hair Glue and went to town. Trevor's hair is too short so it didn't do much for him but Brayden got the mohawk he had been begging for!

While my boys are a little younger than the 8-14 age range Monkey Brains was intended for we've had a great time trying it out. I know we will continue to use these products and I'm sure Brayden will have a mohawk on his first day of Kindergarten in the fall.

**Buy It**
Monkey Brains can be purchased nationwide at mass-market retailers including Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, Food 4 Less, and Ralph's.
To learn more about Monkey Brains check out their website, follow them on twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was provided with Monkey Brains hair care products for this review. All opinions are my own.


Ellen said...

My son is 13 and I think he'd like this. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

This is so cute! I love the picture of your boys! My girls would just go crazy over it because it has a monkey on it! ;)

-Jennifer Clay

JulieK said...

Yum! Good-smelling body products are so fun!! Your boys look like they are having a blast

Cody said...

I will have to get some of this, my boys are constantly fixing their hair!!

~SALLY~ said...

Ha the mowhawks! I have seen this product before and it does look pretty neat! My son is only 1 so he cannot fully appreciate the "look" yet. But, this would be something that I would like to look into for him. :)

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