Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pumponator Review

Summer and water balloons pretty much go hand in hand, but as a parent of two little boys who can't make their own water balloons yet I get so frustrated! Water balloons are a pain in the you-know-what!! You put them on the faucet only to find out you put a whole in it trying to stretch it on there, then you get sprayed with water trying to yank the balloon off the faucet. It's a never ending battle or at least it was until I discovered the Pumponator!
About Pumponator: The Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station was invented by Lexi Glenn, a fourth grader in SC. Lexi loves water balloons! However, she was often frustrated by the hose and faucet method of filling the balloons. She felt there had to be a better way. While searching through her grandmother's garage she came across a garden sprayer. She cleaned it up, filled it with water and began trying it on the balloons. She ran into the house to show off what she called her "new invention" to her grandmother. After many modifications in design and performance, the Pumponator was born. It is now being offered to you.
The Pumponator is great! Now it takes me about 5 minutes to fill an entire bucket full of balloons and I don't mind making them anymore. My boys are so happy since they love water balloons (like most kids do) and now they get to have water balloon fights whenever they want.. Well almost lol.

** Buy It**
The Pumponator can be purchased in an assortment of colors on their website for $19.95. The station comes with 500 biodegradable water balloons and string for tying.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Pumponator for this review. All opinions are my own.


Ellen said...

What a cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm off to check it out now.

Amy said...

Wow, that's awesome! Water balloon fights are so fun but it takes so dang long to fill up the balloons. I'm checking this out.

Jennifer said...

That is really cool! This would come in handy on the really hot days and when the kiddos want to have a balloon fight!

-Jennifer Clay

Denise said...

I sure wish this was around when my son was younger. We made water balloon's the hard way! I found you on Thursday's Cup of Joe hop and now I am following you. I know I'm early. I think your blog design is really cute. I hope you will stop by my blog I can also be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

Laura O in AK said...

My boys would love something like this if my husband allowed them to have water balloons.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today through the Cup of Joe hop. I'm following you now, too.

Laura O in AK

tawna6988 said...

Sending you an invite to come and link up to my weekend hop open Thursday night through Sunday at 11:59pm on my blog I hope you have a great weekend!

Julie K said...

Water balloon fights! LOVE IT - my favorite part of summer! This looks like an AWESOME fun toy!

Accepting and Embracing Autism said...

Hi from your latest follower. I found you blog hopping. Love this idea. Would make things so much easier. Be sure to check out me out at Sarah

~SALLY~ said...

I never heard of such a thing before. HA! How great! Lock and load...LOL!!!

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