Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School with Avery Review

Brayden will be starting "big school" in the fall and we'll actually have to do back to school shopping for the first time ever.. Kinda scary! When he was in preschool the teachers provided him with everything he would need, except for clothes and a backpack of course, but this year we'll have to stock up on all the school supplies that he'll need. And that's where Avery office products will come in handy!

I've always been a fan of Avery products. They are very durable and last forever! Now I know Brayden's only in kindergarten so it's not like I need to get a ton of school supplies but binders are perfect for holding all of his craft projects that he'll be bringing home. I was recently sent an Avery Heavy Duty One Touch EZD binder and it is exactly what I was looking for. It's big enough to hold 275 sheets of paper and the One Touch EZD rings special design makes opening and closing the rings easy so Brayden will be able to put his own papers and artwork in.

Avery products are not only great for back to school but they're also perfect for organizing. They offer many different NoteTabs, Sticky Notes, Dividers, and Labels. I was also sent a set of NoteTabs and they are just perfect for sticking on the calendar to remind me of things I need to do each month. Now for the more organized mom who has a date book or planner, they would also stick perfectly in there and can be removed without damaging the pages or ink.

Avery is definitely my go-to brand of office supplies when I'm in need of organizing and will now be my go-to brand for back to school shopping! Avery products can be purchased at Staples and other stores nationwide.

**Avery is currently running a Give Back to Schools promotion.. All you have to do is vote for your favorite school and the top five schools at the end of the promotion will each win $10,000 worth of Avery School Supplies, 10,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons, and $1,000 worth of gift cards. Twenty-five runner-up schools will also win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons.. This promotion runs through September 16th**  

Disclosure: I was provided with one or more of the Avery products mentioned above for this review. All opinions are my own.


Ellen said...

Thanks I'll have to look for these when I go to Staples next week to start back to school shopping. Where has the summer gone?

Beeb said...

I love supplies that make organizing easier!

Nishana said...


Stopping from VB and following you. I know, life with 2 boys would be much hectic and fun too..:)

Will come here quite often to read about boys and life around them.

Please visit me at Princess Liya!

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

School supply shopping was always something I loved! I still love it only now I consider it just shopping for fun stuff!

~SALLY~ said...

Avery is a great company for school supplies...and for home products too! LOVE THEM! :)

Momma Teri said...

The look great for my professional and coupon binders.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love Avery products. We're homeschoolers, so I use so much stuff! Avery always delivers!

Jennifer said...

I love Avery products too! I am going to have to pick my daughter Haley some up for school!

-Jennifer's Deals

Darcy said...

They have some really great label options!

Cuzinlogic said...

I'm an organization junkie and love Avery products!

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