Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kidlandia Review

Kindlandia offers tons of personalized products for kids including placemats, growth charts, posters, puzzles, and even blankets and pillowcases. And they even have them in your childs favorite characters from Spongebob and Cars to Dora and Princesses.

I was given a gift code to purchase and personalize an item for my boys. Since they both love Spongebob I went with a Spongebob poster which has an underwater theme. The personalization process is so easy and fun! You get to choose which names, characters, plants, vehicles, and even birthdays you want to add to it. I was able to incorporate Brayden and Trevor as well as tons of other family members into the poster as the names of islands, reefs, lakes, etc.. And I even made them both their own treasure chests to find on the "map".

I had a lot of fun personalizing the Spongebob poster for my boys! I will definitely be doing some shopping at Kidlandia for Christmas gifts this year. Be sure to like Kidlandia on Facebook to stay up to date on products and sales.

Princess placemat:

Toy Story Growth Chart:

Disclosure: I was provided with a Kidlandia gift code for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Amy said...

I LOVE Kidlandia! I got one of their growth chartsa and my MIL bought this HUGE world map that she personalized with all her kids and grandkids. Their stuff is very high quality too.

Cuzinlogic said...

I love all things personalized! Personalized gifts make gift giving much more fun. The placemat looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Patricia said...

These are really cute! I shared this post with my Facebook so my grown daughters could see it.

Samantha said...

SO cute! We are finishing up my son's bedroom, those would be great touches (well, the growth chart and some other Kidlandia objects!)

Beeb said...

Can't go wrong with Spongebob! Great gift idea!

Ellen said...

Those are so cute. It makes me wish my kids were little again!

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

I'm your newest follower please come follow me back

Thrifty Ninja said...

Hey! I'm showing some love via the Thursday Blog Hop! Check out my blog too! Thanks!

~SALLY~ said...

I would love to own a growth chart! It is so cool to look back and see just how your baby has grown! Thanks for sharing this awesome company with us!

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