Friday, July 1, 2011

Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds- Miraclebody Review

As I've mentioned before, I've been struggling with my weight for a while now.. And of course, when you're not happy with your body it's so hard to find clothes that you like. That's why I love Miraclebody!! Miraclebody by Miraclesuit specialize in tops and jeans that make you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. I know what you're thinking.. Yeah right. I was a skeptic too, but I'm so glad I gave them a try!

Miraclesuit has been making women look beautiful since 1937 and is currently the #1 brand designer of control swimwear. Miraclebody is doing the same thing for women with comfortable form-flattering fashion control apparel. Their secret is their handcrafted front control panels featuring Miratex, used to flatten and control the tummy.

I was recently sent a pair of Cargo Crops by Miraclebody to review. I can honestly say these are my new favorite pair of crops.. And believe me, I have a lot of pairs! I usually wear low rise jeans so at first the cargo crops felt a little awkward because they're made to sit about 1" below the belly button to maximum tummy control.. But after having them on for a little while I got used to the high rise.

It's so nice to have a pair of pants that hide my love handles. And these pants are so comfortable! Being a mom of two little ones, comfort is very important to me. Obviously I don't want to have pants on that don't allow me to move freely while racing cars around on the floor.

Thanks to Miraclebody jeans I will no longer struggle to find a pair of pants that I love. Even if you're completely happy with the way your body looks (not that I know any woman that is!) I recommend you try these pants simply because they're so figure flattering and comfortable!!

Me rockin' my Miraclebody cargo crops!

**Buy It**
Have your chance to look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds by purchasing your own Miraclebody Jeans on their website. They're currently offering a FREE tote bag with every purchase and FREE standard shipping!!

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Cargo Crops by Miraclebody for this review. All opinions are my own.


Darcy said...

I could use help looking slimmer. I've struggled with my weight for so many years its ridiculous. My pants are either too tight or too loose (neither are flattering!)

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

These are so tempting! I only need to lose a little bit of weight but I'm curvy so I have trouble finding jeans that fit well. Did you feel like they were true to size?

Jennifer said...

I also struggle with my weight and how I look. Like Darcy stated, my clothes are too tight, small, or too big, and loose. I hardly ever find clothes that fit me just right. I would love to try Miraclebody Jeans!

-Jennifer (Jennifer's Deals)

~SALLY~ said...

These look really comfortable! Glad you are happy with them. :)

Ellen said...

Really like those pants. Very cute!

Cuzinlogic said...

The cargo crops look very comfortable and are cute. I could benefit from a pair of jeans/pants that make me look 10 lbs lighter. Definitely worth checking out their site.

JulieK said...

Ahh! I reviewed their jeans a while back and these look awesome! I didn't know they'd branched out into other types of pants! :) Very cool!

Samantha said...

i didn't know they came in crops! love it!

Momma Teri said...

I absolutely adore my Miraclebody Swimsuit and did not know they made capris! OMG I am so there.

Marvelous Mommy said...

I have a Miraclebody Swimsuit and their jeans! LOVE them!! I can't wait until I fit back into mine!! lol

Visiting from the Weekend Wind Down! Following you now!!I LOVE your blog design!!

twifanheather said...

Those Cargo Crops look really cute!

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