Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pocket Purifier Review and Giveaway *Closed*

Before I was a mom I was never really one to worry about germs but now that I have kids I've noticed how easy it is to catch a cold. The Pocket Purifier from Purely Products is a new handheld device that eliminates hidden germs and bacteria with no chemicals.

About the Pocket Purifier: The Pocket Purifier uses the same UV-C light used to sterilize surgical instruments to eliminate 99.9% of germs that cause colds, and flu, plus e-coli, salmonella, mold, and fungus. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Pocket Purifier is operated by holding the device about one inch above the surface you want to clean for 10-15 seconds. A 4-watt germicidal ultraviolet light deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens destroying their ability to multiply and sanitizes the item you are trying to cleanse.

The Pocket Purifier is lightweight and easy to use so you can bring it anywhere. It's perfect to stick in your purse to sanitize public restrooms and changing tables. And the best thing about the Pocket Purifier, it's pink! They also sell it in black if you'd prefer. 
The Pocket Purifier retails for $19.95 and can be purchased at purelyproducts.com and select retailers nationwide including Lowes, Petco, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

**Win It**
One of my readers will win a Pocket Purifier of their own.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Pocket Purifier for this review. All opinions are my own.


Brooke - "Brookie's Baby Bargains" said...

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Mommydoll13 said...

i like the healthy nightlight.


Anonymous said...

I want to try the Ionic Lifestyle nightlight. Anything to make everyone happier in the morning!


tarter95 said...

I would like the night lite.
tarter95 at hotmail dot com

Beeb said...

I'd like to try the Purely Healthy CFL lightbulbs! Thanks for the giveaway.


supercoupongirl AT gmail.com

Elaine said...

I'd like the Pet CFL lightbulbs.

Kimberly said...

I would like the Healthy Night Light

sarah said...

Would love to try the "sunmate" seems like a tool my family could benefit from


My So Called Homeschool Life said...

I have asthma, so the Healthy CFL sounds like something that would be very useful to me.

Ruthie J.

BeautyToLove said...

-I would love to own: Healthy Night Light
aliaskys (at) yahoo . com

Just Another Face said...

I'd love to try the Pet CFL Lightbulbs. We have 5 cats and a dog, I think we could use them!


sueparks2003 said...

Would luv a Healthy CFL
sps1113 at yahoo dot com

Gina said...

Love the sunmate!

Dana B. said...

I'd also like to try their Pet CFL.
Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

AvroraD said...

I'd like to try the Healthy Night Light.

avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

Dealsfan32 said...

I would like to get the sunmate

shelbi89 said...

I'd love to try the nightlight! :D

pinklady705 said...

I'd like to try the Healthy Nightlight

2liv2laf2luv at gmail dot com

polly said...

i would like to try their sunmate

Donna said...

I'd love to try the ionic plug

something frugal at yahoo dot com

Raven In A Blue Room said...

I love the IonicLifestyle

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

pinkghosta said...

i like the healthy night light.

lisa said...

the sunmate

katklaw777 said...

I'd luv to try the Pet CFL, energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb, thanks!

Diddlepoyner said...

i like the pet cfl, we have 3 dogs that are helps and have to follow you everywhere! lol

Capecoupons said...

I like the healthy night light, what a great idea1 A close second would be the pet cfl (we have a cat) and getting rid of dander would be great!
Jill L

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the healthy nightlight!

madamerkf at aol dot com

Gerri said...

I love the healthy night light would be great for the babies room


Robin Quick said...

I would like to try the SunMate

mnrquick at yahoo dot com

Lynda said...

I would like to try the Healthy Nightlight that cleans the air.

noreen said...

Sunmate sounds great

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