Monday, July 18, 2011

Reviva Labs Review and Giveaway *Closed*

Like most women, facial skin care is very important to me. I hate to admit it, but I've been dealing with acne since I was a teenager. It has gotten a lot better as I've gotten older, now I only have the occasional break out here and there (unless i'm stressed out). I've tried several different acne treatment products and they all have the same result.. Dry skin!

I recently discovered Reviva LabsReviva Labs offers all natural skin care products, which means no harsh chemicals and no more dry skin! I was sent 3 different products for review including the Light Skin Peel Exfoliant, Glycolic Acid Cleanser, and Glycolic Acid Toner.

Light Skin Peel Exfoliant:
"Peeling" is a European term for one of the most unique European items in the entire cosmetic field. THIS IS NOT A HARSH CHEMICAL PEEL. It doesn't "peel skin" as we know it, but gently lifts off more hardened, dried skin cells than can be achieved by scrubs or any other "exfoliating" product. Dead-cell accumulation prevents treatment products from penetrating and keeps skin tone from looking fresh and vibrant. For aging and problem skin, PEEL is absolutely vital; it offers multiple benefits, which one can see and feel with just one application. Used by Europe's top Skin Treatment Specialists as a supplementary cleansing step in any skin care program. Any skin type, any age, can benefit from a once-a-week "Peel". Our Peel ingredients also stimulate the deeper new cells to move upward at a faster rate - causing the skin surface to look tighter, clearer and healthier.

Glycolic Acid Cleanser:
Removes makeup as well as deep cleans with mild exfoliation. Includes no fatty acids or oils common to other cleansers that could interfere with glycolic action.

Glycolic Acid Toner: 
Helps improve skin clarity, extends exfoliating benefits. Brings skin into proper pH balance. Use our Glycolic Toner after the Glycolic Cleanser. 

When my Reviva Labs products arrived in the mail I was very excited to give them a try. I started out washing my face with the glycolic acid cleanser which left my skin feeling very soft. I like that it smells like soap and not chemicals. I followed with the skin peel which was kind of strange, it had a weird texture and was very messy to remove, but again my skin felt very soft and fresh! I finished with the toner which added a little shine without taking away the softness. Overall, I was pleased with my skin after!

I will say this.. I have not been as loyal to the Reviva Labs products as I should be. I've been using them off and on for a few weeks now, switching between that and my regular acne cleanser. The reason being, although my face is very soft with the Reviva Labs products, they're not clearing up my acne like I had hoped. I will continue to use them off and on to keep my skin feeling smooth and maybe in the future I will try some different Reviva Labs products better suited for acne.

I would recommend the Glycolic Acid cleaner and toner to someone with aging skin as that's what it's intended for.. And luckily, I don't have that issue yet! I would highly recommend the Light Skin Peel to anyone who's looking for fresh, vibrant skin.. And what woman isn't looking for that?!

**Buy It**
You can purchase Reviva Labs products on their website and at professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide.

**Win It**
Reviva Labs has very generously offered one of my readers the same 3 products I received for this review.

Disclosure: Reviva Labs provided me with the products mentioned above for this review. All opinions are my own.


Elena said...

I would like to try Light Skin Peel Exfoliant

littleangel_mw said...

I would love to try : Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel Exfoliant

littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

Zenaida said...

I am looking forward to try the Glycolic Acid Cleanser.

polly said...

would love to try their light skin peel!

Gina said...

I would love to try the Glycolic Acid Toner

BeautyToLove said...

-I would most like to try: Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel Exfoliant
aliaskys (at) yahoo . com

sarah said...

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try the soft peel. Im in my late 20's and still have issues with breakouts. Somethings got to give!


sleepy headed mom said...

I'm looking forward to the peel. After having a kid and being in my late 20's I've definetly noticed a change in my skin.

sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

Gia_Pet said...

I would most like to try the Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel Exfoliant :)

Jessica King said...

I would really love to try the Light Skin Peel Exfoliant!

Gianna said...

Light Skin Peel Exfoliant.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely like to give the Glycolic Acid Cleanser a try.

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