Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In-Home Tutoring with Adam Wes Academics

The new school year has just begun and students are already struggling in their classes. Adam Wes Academics offers in-home Science and Math tutoring as well as test prep education to help those students.

About Adam Wes Academics: Professional math tutoring and science tutoring involves a great deal of ingenuity on a number of levels. First, gaining a student's respect is critical to capturing a young mind's focus, and generating the motivation that drives substantial learning. Understanding how to discover each and every student's unique comprehension is infinitely more important than a tutor's own mastery of math and science. And, knowing how to maneuver a student's mind to efficiently and genuinely convey any complexity of material, takes the innate, and learned aptitude of an experienced and driven tutor.

We are professional math and science tutors who have helped hundreds of students over the years. Many of our students have achieved success well beyond what they ever thought possible. Numerous students have gone from failing to getting A's on tests in as little as two sessions. It is not uncommon that one of our incredibly gifted tutors was responsible for a student getting into the college of their choice! Whether you are looking for private tutoring in physics, math, precalculus, calculus, geometry, chemistry, or for standardized tests such as the SAT, GMAT, ISEE, GRE, DAT, CBEST or MCAT, we can help.

Since my boys are still young I don't have to worry about tutoring yet, but I'm glad to know there's people out there who care about kids education and are willing to take the time to teach them. I think one-on-one interaction is a lot more helpful for students as opposed to having one teacher for 30 or so students.

Currently Adam Wes Academics offers high quality in-home tutoring in 16 major cities nationwide as well as free online webinars for students across the country. Visit to select your subject and location to see if private tutoring is available in your area.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adam Wes Academics. All opinions are my own.


~SALLY~ said...

Sounds like a great program! I don't think I am that good at math and I am planning to homeschool, Lordwilling. So this may be a great resource for me! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Keri said...

This sounds like a great idea. It can be hard when your child is 1 in 30 and doesn't get the attention they need. My DD is not a fan of math. Fortunately for me, she's only in 2nd grade so its nothing I can't handle!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

This sounds like such a great resource. One on one interaction is always great to have, especially when you need extra help.

Beeb said...

Tutoring can be a great option. Thanks for sharing!

Mom vs. the boys said...

tutoring is something I will definitly consider when my boys are older, I don't think I will be able to help much and my husband is too busy

Turning the Clock Back said...

My husband and I are both scientists so I love to see more options out there to help with math and science for kids who are struggling!

Samantha said...

as a teacher, i love to see programs that are available for helping kids :)

CVGi said...

I think Adopt-a-Classroom is an AWESOME idea! I think that today’s youth truly is our future, and we need to take care of it. Job well done to Office Max for reaching out!Sat Test Prep Classes

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