Monday, August 1, 2011

Yum Yum Dishes Review and Discount Code

Snacks are a big thing in our house, especially during the summer when we're home all day and it's too hot to play outside. I try to keep healthy things in the house like grapes and other fresh fruit but some times my boys just want chips and cookies, which is (of course) okay in moderation. That's where Yum Yum Dishes come in handy.

About Yum Yum Dishes: Tracy Adler created Yum Yum Dishes™ to help kids and grown-ups manage their snacking habits in a healthy way. Instead of eliminating all your favorite treats – enjoy them in moderation, in a Yum Yum Dish™!

Tracy is a former restaurateur and mother of two.  Her Yum Yum Dishes™ are a great way to teach little ones about correct portions size and help to keep snack size in check for grown-ups, too! 

Yum Yum Dishes are 4 oz. ceramic bowls that provide a great way to eat the foods you enjoy, that may not be so healthy for you, in a healthier way. And their really cute too.. The inside of the bowl says "Yum Yum time is" around the rim and "over" on the inside bottom of the bowl. They're colorful so kids will enjoy eating out of them and they're durable too!

Lisa Mosley, the Oklahoma single mom who lost almost 100 pounds since she first appeared on NBC's The Biggest Loser last year, is endorsing Yum Yum Dishes as a fun solution to portion control for people struggling to lose fat. Controlling the size of portions using Yum Yum Dishes has helped her reach her goal. You can sign up for Lisa Mosley's Tip of the Week (on Yum Yum Dishes home page) in which you'll receive a Tip from Lisa each Monday morning and will also receive notices of special events and promotions from Yum Yum Dishes available only to those who sign up.  

To learn more about Yum Yum Dishes and portion control follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

**Buy It** 
Yum Yum Dishes can be purchased in a set of 4 for $22 at Use code: TWOBOYS at checkout for $5 off your order.. This code is active until August 14th so get your order in now to save!

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample Yum Yum Dish for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Ellen said...

Love it! Portion control is so important to weight loss!

Sadie said...

That's genius!!

Beeb said...

I've heard of these before and I need a set! Weighing food out is the most inconvenient part of calorie counting. This would make it so much easier!

Mom vs. the boys said...

that would never fly with the hubster he would just go for a refill, but I love it for the kids!

Closer to Lucy said...

I bought these when I saw them after I started Nutrisystem, they have been priceless! I would love to get another set.

Loosing or just maintaining it's all about portion control!

Baby Shower Favors said...

Great job! you did good for your health to weigh loss need to control the portion.

~SALLY~ said...

I have two Yum Yum Dishes and LOVE them! They are perfect for portion measuring and for baby food! Wonderful product.

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