Friday, October 7, 2011

A Change and A Break...

I finally decided to make the switch from blogspot to a custom domain.. No need to worry.. You will be redirected to my custom domain from my old posts, but if you have Life With Two Boys bookmarked you might want to consider changing it to the new link to make it a little easier on you... Here it is:

That being said.. I'm going to be taking a little break the rest of the day as well as this weekend from posting and finishing up etsy week to get all my ducks in a row. I will be back Monday with the rest of the etsy posts as well as all new reviews and giveaways next week... Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!!


Judy Haughton-James said...

All the best with the change and all your weekend plans. I am happy to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. When you can find the time you can check the details on my Blog. Take care.

KERRY said...

You have a good weekend too!!!

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