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Stay in touch with your teens with TracFone

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During the summer teens love to stay out later since they don't have to get up early for school. And as parents it's your job to make sure they're safe at all times, which may be hard to do from your house. Well with TracFone, your kids and teens are just a phone call away. Watch this youtube video to hear about the reliability of TracFone from real TracFone customers.

TracFone offers the least expensive way to own and use a cell phone. There are no contracts or cancellation fees which is great if you just want a cell phone to use during the summer months and no credit checks or activation fees, which is perfect for the non working teen with no credit!

With TracFone you're not stuck with cheap, unknown brands either.. You can choose from Motorola, LG, Nokia, and Samsung to name a few. They offer simple phones with calling and texting capabilities for under $10 or more complex phones with camera, web access, app capabilities, and full keyboard for $29.99.

Another great thing about TracPhone is you get to choose your plan.. You can pay as you go, choose monthly plans with as little as 50 minutes for $9.99 or 200 minutes for $30, or get a 1 year service card which includes 800 minutes for $119.

Whether you need a phone for the summer, sending your teen off to college in the fall, or are just in the market for a new cell.. TracFone has got a phone to suit your needs!

For more info about TracFone please see the videos below:
real TracFone customers
real TracFone customers
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Lenox Winner

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The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure DVD Review and Giveaway *Closed*

The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure
Available on DVD today!

Synopsis:  Get your Smurf on with this 2-disc set of 10 Smurftacular Episodes! In a hidden village dwells a clan of magical creatures, living in mushroom houses and taking showers with dewdrops. They’re those international celebrities known far and wide as the Smurfs -- and they’re back on DVD. This itty-bitty powder-blue crew, including Brainy, Lazy, Vanity and Smurfette, is led by the wise, gentle and 542-year-old Papa Smurf. Gargamel, the local evil wizard, is forever scheming against the tiny team but our little friends outsmurf him every time! The Smurfs may only be three apples high, but they left miles of smiles on the faces of Saturday morning cartoon fans from 1981 to 1989!  Smurf it up again with this colorful collection of superior Smurftainment!

To learn more about this DVD please visit

I loved the Smurfs when I was a little girl and I was so thrilled when I was asked to review the new DVD. As soon as it arrived my boys and I sat down and watched it. It was great seeing them enjoy the Smurfs as much as I did when I was little. I'm so happy they brought back one of my favorites from the 80's and can't wait to see what they bring back next!

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Bridal Gifts from EdenFantasys

**This post contains links to adult content. Please do not open with children in the room.**

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

One of my best friends is getting married in less than two months and instead of getting her a gravy boat or something else that requires little effort, I want to get her something that will make her wedding night a night to remember. EdenFantasys is the perfect online store to help me with that.

I personally love EdenFantasys! They offer such a wide variety of items for making the bedroom a more little spicy! It's not all sex toys as some people may think. They have sexy lingerie, sensual massage oils and kits, and mood setting candles.. Everything you need to add a new kind of romance to your life.

While I was browsing the site, trying to find the perfect gift for my friend Erica's bridal shower I actually came across several items that would be perfect for the bride to be. The first thing I noticed was a bed of roses candle set which includes 100 silk pleasantly flavored rose petals, 4 tea light candles, and a special invitation card for her lucky husband.

I also found this adorable Nuptials chiffon babydoll set that I think is perfect for the honeymoon! It's sexy, yet elegant and I love the pink flower at the neckline, it adds such a cute little pop of color to the set. 

I know Erica will love all of her bridal shower gifts, because that's the type of person she is.. But I think a gift from EdenFantasys will be perfect for her and her husband to be. 

The next time you're in the market for a bridal shower gift, think outside the box and check out EdenFantasys.

Disclosure: As part of the EdenFantasys Ambassador Program I receive gift cards in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

Friday, July 22, 2011

OCEAN Nasal Care Review and Giveaway *Closed*

OCEAN is the nasal saline brand most recommended by doctors and pharmacists. Their non-medicated nasal products help you breathe easier by providing convenient, pre-mixed, easy-to-use nasal saline solutions for the entire family. OCEAN offers several products to help you breathe easier when dealing with allergies or the common cold including:
OCEAN for Kids:
Non-medicated nasal saline spray that is designed for moisturizing dry nasal passages in newborns and children up to age 12.
OCEAN Premium Saline Nasal Spray:
The original, #1 pharmacist-recommended nasal saline spray for dry nose and irritated nasal passages.
OCEAN Complete Sinus Irrigation:
Two-in-one nasal irrigator and nasal moisturizer to help relieve nasal and sinus pressure and congestion, while keeping nasal passages moist.
I have been using OCEAN for Kids Saline Nasal Spray with my boys for as long as I can remember. They were both very stuffy babies and have been dealing with allergies forever! Brayden's going through this phase where he'll no longer let me use the saline spray on him even though I constantly try to convince him that it'll make him feel better. Trevor, on the other hand, doesn't mind it so we use the spray on him every time he has a stuffy nose and it really does make a difference!

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OCEAN products can be purchased at most retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

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Etsy Review and Giveaway: Diaper Clutch from jp pinkdaisy *Closed*

For quite a while I've been looking for the perfect little bag to put in my purse for diapers and wipes. While I was browsing etsy I found this stinkin cute diaper and wipe case clutch from JP pinkdaisy and it was exactly was I was looking for!

JP pinkdaisy specializes in the cutest shabby handmade treasures for babies and children. She offers shabby burps and bitty burps, diaper clutch cases, baby blankets, and the most adorable shabby hoot owls! All of her items are unique and handmade and can be customized just for you!

I was sent one of her stinkin cute diaper and wipe case clutches for review and it's perfect for what I wanted. It's just the right size for a couple diapers and a travel wipes case. Plus there's room to spare, which is great for hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, or anything else you might need to throw in your purse when you don't want to carry around a diaper bag.

Be sure to check out JP pinkdaisy when you're in the market for some adorable shabby treasures!

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Judie, owner of JP pinkdaisy, has very generously offered my readers the chance to win their very own shabby items from her shop.. The winner can choose either 2 burp cloths or a diaper clutch in their choice of patterns.

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DANO Ducki and Thirty-One Winners!

The winner of the DANO Ducki is comment #17.. artsavesyou
The winner of the Thirty-One cinch sac is comment #73.. lisa
Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone who entered!

Accent Studios Review and Giveaway *Closed*

I can't stand boring white walls in a house but I really don't like to paint so my solution is to cover them with pictures and artwork. I really wanted a nice pop of color on one of the walls in our living room but was running out of ideas.. Then I came across Accent Studios.

Accent Studios specializes in high quality vinyl wall graphics. They offer hundreds of different designs from flowers, trees, quotes, and even kids and head board designs that can all be customized to fit your color scheme. Since I was looking for something that added bright color to our living room I went with the Branch Wall Decal 10 (cherry blossoms) and customized it to have a dark grey branch and hot pink flowers.
The branch arrived in two different sticker sheets.. One for the branch and another for the flowers. They were pretty easy to apply and I'm very happy with the way it came out. It is the perfect pop of color for our living room.

Whether you just moved into a new house or are just looking to spruce things up a bit, I would definitely recommend checking out Accent Studios.

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Accent Studios has very generously offered a gift certificate for two of my readers.. One in the amount of $25 and another in the amount of $10.

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PureAyre for Pets Review

It's tough to find an odor eliminator that's safe to use around children and pets. That's why I'm so glad I discovered PureAyre Safe Odor Eliminator! I originally saw PureAyre featured on ABC's Shark Tank. I thought it looked perfect for us and knew I had to give it a try.

With pets who like to lick things and a 2 year old who constantly puts things in his mouth safety is important to me. PureAye is the only food grade odor eliminator available, meaning it's the safest way to get rid of stinky smells. PureAyre is made from plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils making it environmentally friendly. It eliminates odors and cleans the air so you can breathe easy.

We have two pets in our house, Lady, our black lab and Chance, our indoor cat and anyone with pets knows that with pets comes odors. I personally can't stand the smell of pets, especially litter boxes, so I constantly have a candle going to try to mask the smell. Well, since I started using PureAyre, I no longer have to hide the smell. I can now eliminate it safely!

PureAyre is the naturally powerful way to completely eliminate odors from:
*Fecal Matter
*Litter Boxes
*Skunk Spray
*and much more..
Pureayre is safe to spray directly on pets. Also removes stains.

I love PureAyre.. It's safe to use, has a nice minty smell, and it works! They also make products for baby, home, dogs, and boats/marine use so be sure to give them a try.

**Buy It**
You can buy PureAyre at select retailers nationwide or online at Enter promo code: Shark Tank for 15% off.

Disclosure: I was provided with a bottle of PureAyre for pets for this review. All opinions are my own.

Find Great Deals With Bargain Jill

I love to shop online.. And even more I love to find great deals while shopping online! Sometimes finding a good deal can be such a pain, but Bargain Jill is here to help with that! is a new website that compiles deals and coupons from across the web on brand name items geared specifically towards women. On Bargain Jill you can find items such as women's apparel and accessories, home and garden items, beauty products, and children's items. The great thing about Bargain Jill is that it doesn't require a membership, you can just get on and search!

Bargain Jill is a super easy to use, one stop shop for all great deals and coupons that women search for. Stay up to date with all the deals by subscribing to Bargain Jill's newsletter or following on twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School with Avery Review

Brayden will be starting "big school" in the fall and we'll actually have to do back to school shopping for the first time ever.. Kinda scary! When he was in preschool the teachers provided him with everything he would need, except for clothes and a backpack of course, but this year we'll have to stock up on all the school supplies that he'll need. And that's where Avery office products will come in handy!

I've always been a fan of Avery products. They are very durable and last forever! Now I know Brayden's only in kindergarten so it's not like I need to get a ton of school supplies but binders are perfect for holding all of his craft projects that he'll be bringing home. I was recently sent an Avery Heavy Duty One Touch EZD binder and it is exactly what I was looking for. It's big enough to hold 275 sheets of paper and the One Touch EZD rings special design makes opening and closing the rings easy so Brayden will be able to put his own papers and artwork in.

Avery products are not only great for back to school but they're also perfect for organizing. They offer many different NoteTabs, Sticky Notes, Dividers, and Labels. I was also sent a set of NoteTabs and they are just perfect for sticking on the calendar to remind me of things I need to do each month. Now for the more organized mom who has a date book or planner, they would also stick perfectly in there and can be removed without damaging the pages or ink.

Avery is definitely my go-to brand of office supplies when I'm in need of organizing and will now be my go-to brand for back to school shopping! Avery products can be purchased at Staples and other stores nationwide.

**Avery is currently running a Give Back to Schools promotion.. All you have to do is vote for your favorite school and the top five schools at the end of the promotion will each win $10,000 worth of Avery School Supplies, 10,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons, and $1,000 worth of gift cards. Twenty-five runner-up schools will also win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons.. This promotion runs through September 16th**  

Disclosure: I was provided with one or more of the Avery products mentioned above for this review. All opinions are my own.

Wupzey Floor Mat Winner

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Reviva Labs Review and Giveaway *Closed*

Like most women, facial skin care is very important to me. I hate to admit it, but I've been dealing with acne since I was a teenager. It has gotten a lot better as I've gotten older, now I only have the occasional break out here and there (unless i'm stressed out). I've tried several different acne treatment products and they all have the same result.. Dry skin!

I recently discovered Reviva LabsReviva Labs offers all natural skin care products, which means no harsh chemicals and no more dry skin! I was sent 3 different products for review including the Light Skin Peel Exfoliant, Glycolic Acid Cleanser, and Glycolic Acid Toner.

Light Skin Peel Exfoliant:
"Peeling" is a European term for one of the most unique European items in the entire cosmetic field. THIS IS NOT A HARSH CHEMICAL PEEL. It doesn't "peel skin" as we know it, but gently lifts off more hardened, dried skin cells than can be achieved by scrubs or any other "exfoliating" product. Dead-cell accumulation prevents treatment products from penetrating and keeps skin tone from looking fresh and vibrant. For aging and problem skin, PEEL is absolutely vital; it offers multiple benefits, which one can see and feel with just one application. Used by Europe's top Skin Treatment Specialists as a supplementary cleansing step in any skin care program. Any skin type, any age, can benefit from a once-a-week "Peel". Our Peel ingredients also stimulate the deeper new cells to move upward at a faster rate - causing the skin surface to look tighter, clearer and healthier.

Glycolic Acid Cleanser:
Removes makeup as well as deep cleans with mild exfoliation. Includes no fatty acids or oils common to other cleansers that could interfere with glycolic action.

Glycolic Acid Toner: 
Helps improve skin clarity, extends exfoliating benefits. Brings skin into proper pH balance. Use our Glycolic Toner after the Glycolic Cleanser. 

When my Reviva Labs products arrived in the mail I was very excited to give them a try. I started out washing my face with the glycolic acid cleanser which left my skin feeling very soft. I like that it smells like soap and not chemicals. I followed with the skin peel which was kind of strange, it had a weird texture and was very messy to remove, but again my skin felt very soft and fresh! I finished with the toner which added a little shine without taking away the softness. Overall, I was pleased with my skin after!

I will say this.. I have not been as loyal to the Reviva Labs products as I should be. I've been using them off and on for a few weeks now, switching between that and my regular acne cleanser. The reason being, although my face is very soft with the Reviva Labs products, they're not clearing up my acne like I had hoped. I will continue to use them off and on to keep my skin feeling smooth and maybe in the future I will try some different Reviva Labs products better suited for acne.

I would recommend the Glycolic Acid cleaner and toner to someone with aging skin as that's what it's intended for.. And luckily, I don't have that issue yet! I would highly recommend the Light Skin Peel to anyone who's looking for fresh, vibrant skin.. And what woman isn't looking for that?!

**Buy It**
You can purchase Reviva Labs products on their website and at professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide.

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New Fundex Games Winner

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