Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carmex Lip Balm Review and Giveaway *Closed*

I've always been a big fan of moisturizing lip balm.. Especially yummy flavored ones! As part of the Carmex Blog Squad I was recently sent a kit containing two of Carmex's newest flavors: Carmex Lime Twist and Carmex Vanilla Click Sticks.
Both of their new flavors taste and smell delicious! They also contain SPF 15 and all of the moisturizing ingredients of the Carmex lip balm line as well as three additional moisturizers to keep your lips feeling smooth and moisturized which is super important since the dry winter months are fast approaching!

Along with the new flavored click sticks I was also sent a stick of Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm. I would have to say this is probably my favorite of all three products. It keeps your lips looking super shiny and also has Aloe, Vitamin E, and SPF 15. I could use this stuff every single day! I received the clear one but I'd also really like to try the tinted lip balms for days when I want to look a little more done up, like holidays and special evenings with my husband.
Last but certainly not least Carmex sent me a super cute picnic blanket for some added summer fun. The blanket has a little pocket for storing keys, cell phones, etc.. and is perfect to take on picnics to the park or even in your own yard. We will definitely be putting this to good use before it gets too cold out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Surf Sweets Organic and Natural Candy Review

Up until last week I had never tried natural or organic candy before because I assumed it wouldn't taste very good. I have a horrible sweet tooth, and if candy doesn't taste like candy I won't eat it. Well I was recently sent a package of Surf Sweets Candy.. And let me tell you, this stuff tastes amazing!

We received a few different kinds to try out including Sour Worms, Sour Berry Bears, Gummy Bears, and Jelly Beans. We dug into the sour worms first and they were delicious, not too sour but just right! Then we went on to try the rest and loved every single one of them. They were all unique in their flavors, not tasting like regular gummy bears and jelly beans, but were still sweet.

About Surf Sweets: At Surf Sweets, we love candy! We’re passionate about making the world’s most flavorful candy using all natural pure ingredients. We’re also a company that cares about the health and well-being of our customers and our planet. These values have inspired us to launch a complete line of all-natural, organic gummy candy and jelly beans.

We want to help you foster a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. In addition to using natural, organic ingredients, Surf Sweets candy provides 100% of your Vitamin C per serving. We also understand that what’s not in your food can be just as important as what is. That’s why all of our products are free of trans fats, GMOs, corn syrup, gluten, artificial colors and flavors. We also produce our products in a peanut-free facility that is free of other common allergens (wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, shell fish, and fish).

Surf Sweets offers many different types of candy including Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Jelly Beans, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms, Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms. Five of their candies are vegetarian and four are vegan.. Which I thought was pretty neat!

My boys, like most kids, love candy (and so do I).. That's why I'm so glad I discovered Surf Sweets! It's all-natural candy that tastes good and is good for you so I don't feel bad about letting my boys (and myself) eat it.

Surf Sweets can be purchased at select retailers nationwide including Giant, Hannaford, and Whole Foods Market. To learn more about Surf Sweets, check out their website and like them on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was provided with sample packs of Surf Sweets for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners Review and Giveaway *Closed*

** Week 1 winner is comment #5 Ashley Byers.. Congratulations! There's still 2 more weeks to enter and 2 more winners!!**
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Potty training can be such a messy process! As if the transition from diapers to underwear isn't bad enough on it's own, you also have the "mess" in the potty that you need to clean out after every use. I'd have to say the worst part is dumping the "mess" into the toilet and having it splash up at you... EEEWWW!

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners are a mess free solution to potty training. Tidy Tots™ disposable potty chair liners are designed to fit in almost any potty chair. Simply cover the removable bowl of your potty chair with a Tidy Tots™ plastic disposable potty liner, smooth it into place, and add a Tidy Tots ™ super-absorbent pad. The super-absorbent pad is designed to absorb more than your child can create in one sitting, so you can choose to change the liner after each use or wait for 2-3 uses. When finished, simply remove the liner from the removable potty chair bowl, pull the drawtape closure and tie it closed. Simply discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper. 
Unfortunately we haven't had much luck with Trevor and potty training.. We tried about a month ago, but he just wasn't quite ready yet. He did manage to pee in the potty once, but that was the end of that. So we decided to take a break from it and start up again in a couple weeks, hoping he's ready then. He's only 2 and 1/2 so i'm not too concerned about it yet, I just figure the sooner they're potty trained the less you have to spend on diapers!

I was provided with a package of Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners to review and since Trevor isn't using the potty I decided to try them out using water. First I put the liner over the bowl of our Safety 1st potty, which was a little tricky because I had to stretch it to fit, but I eventually got it.. Then I put the super-absorbent pad inside and filled the potty with water.. And when I say filled, I mean filled! The pad soaked up every last drop of water, so I filled it again.. And it soaked up every last bit of that water.. When they said super-absorbent pads, they weren't kidding! When I was done "testing" the liner and pad, I just removed the liner and threw it away.. Super easy!

Once Trevor finally starts potty training, I know Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners will be a must have in our house!

Rockin’ With Judy Jetson DVD Giveaway *Closed*


I'm so thrilled that Warner Bros. has brought back another of my favorite cartoons from when I was a child and made it into a DVD. Their newest release Rockin’ With Judy Jetson is available now for $14.95 exclusively at To celebrate the release of the new DVD, Warner Bros. is giving away a copy of Rockin’ With Judy Jetson along with The Jetsons Meet The Flinstones on DVD to one of my lucky readers.

Despite father George’s disapproval, Judy Jetson is totally into Sky Rocker, the biggest intergalactic rock star around. When the teen icon announces a surprise concert, Judy writes a super awesome song and sends it to him. And – oops – the song is accidentally switched with an evil magic message from music-hating witch Felonia Funk. Bummer for Judy! Then Felonia goes one diabolical step further: she kidnaps Sky Rocker. What a buzz kill – but don’t freak out yet! Judy and her friends – along with brother Elroy, family dog Astro and music-loving aliens named Zoomies – set out to save Sky themselves. Is Judy Jetson the coolest Space Age teenage cartoon star ever? With songs like Gleep Gorp, Jupiter Jump, Rockin’ Round the Galaxy, Shootin’ Star and Surfin’ in Space, the feature-length animated Rockin’ with Judy Jetson is a tunefully fun blast not to be surpassed!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kushyfoot Review


Wearing heels can be very uncomfortable, especially for women who are on their feet all day long. Even though I'm a stay home mom and don't wear heels as much as the average working woman, I still like to wear them on occasion and want to be comfortable while doing so. Well I recently discovered Kushyfoot and I automatically fell in love!

Kushyfoot offers socks, hose and sandals that integrate a massaging cushion designed by Reflexology experts to help relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet as well as stress and fatigue throughout the entire body!

I was sent super ultra low cut foot covers as well as lace foot covers for this review. I'm always on the search for the perfect foot cover that doesn't show when wearing flats and heels ans the super low cut ones are perfect. I really love the lace foot covers for a little added feminine touch to a pair of plain heels. Both foot covers are so comfortable.. I could wear them everyday!

Along with the foot covers I was also sent a pair of Kushyfoots new perforated flats to go. Flats to go slip neatly and easily into your purse, folded into a cute clear plastic carrier with its own little handles. They are an instant and elegant relief of sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes caused by wearing heels all day. Flats to go are also perfect to wear to the park with the kids, back to school shopping, and just your average day around the house.

Kushyfoot products are very affordable, ranging from $3.99 to $9.99 and can be purchased at retailers nationwide including Walgreens and Rite Aid and online at

Disclosure: I was provided with one or more of the above products mentioned for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

K-Y Brand INTENSE Review and Giveaway

When you have young kids, it's very hard to spend real quality alone time with your spouse. My husband and I rely a lot on K-Y products to keep the "spice" alive in the bedroom. I was recently sent a bottle of K-Y INTENSE to review.. And let me just say the name is perfectly appropriate!

Of course I won't get into personal details so instead i'll tell you about the product itself.. K-Y® Brand INTENSE® is uniquely formulated arousal gel that has women saying "it makes sex more satisfying." INTENSE® is not a lubricant, but a gel to be massaged on the clitoris to increase sensitivity, heightening the feeling of pleasure during climax. 75% of women in consumer use studies who used K-Y® Brand INTENSE® experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure, and sensitivity where it counts most. 

How it works: Arousal is at your fingertips - or his. During foreplay, gently massage a drop (2-4 pumps) onto your clitoris. Most women in consumer studies experienced heightened sensitivity, increased pleasure, and a more intense climax. Re-apply as desired. Use externally. Hormone and paraben free. Approximately 20 applications.

Every couple struggles to keep the romance alive.. Whether you're newlyweds, new parents, or have been together for years.. K-Y INTENSE will definitely keep the fire burning!

To learn more about K-Y INTENSE check out the recently launched INTENSE® Effect, a site dedicated to sharing real reviews from real INTENSE® users. In addition, INTENSE® Effect also shares facts and tips from resident expert Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, a best-selling author and Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Center for Sexual Health at Columbia University . Better yet – the site also includes a $5 off coupon, so grab your partner and K-Y® Brand INTENSE® and ignite an unforgettable summer romance.

**Win It**
Two very lucky readers will win their own bottle of K-Y INTENSE.