Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post: It’s Time to Go Back to School!!

College is extremely expensive. Ask any starving college student and they will attest to that.

Students have a lot to pay for, for example: tuition, fees, rent, and to top it off…textbooks! Yuck! But, with the beauty and convenience of the internet, companies have come up with ways for students to save money on overpriced textbooks. Textbooks can be rented, Netflix style, for a portion of the cost.

This semester, I went to order textbooks for my husband. He needed 4 textbooks this semester, and the textbooks originally cost around $150 each! Click here for an example of the price difference. I would have paid $578 buying these textbooks on Amazon.com. At campusbookrentals.com, I paid $198 total for my hubby’s textbooks. I was so excited when I was checking out, to see that I was saving WAY more than I was spending! And, to top it off, shipping is free both ways :) Life is good.

Here are some perks of renting from campusbookrentals:
• Free shipping both ways.
• 40-90% off bookstore prices.
• Highlighting in the textbooks is okay.
• 30 day return policy for full refund.
• 15 day grace period.
• Donation to Operation Smile with each textbook rented!

campusbookrentals.com is trying to raise enough money to donate 1,000 life-saving surgeries through Operation Smile. Save money, and donate to a good cause…what can get better than that?

Submitted by Angela on behalf of Campus Book Rentals. Campusbookrentals.com was started in 2007 in Utah by a Weber State graduate. Angela is soon to be a new mom, and is working hard to put her husband through school.


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