Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Post: CookieCoo Dancing Star – Digital Learning Game for Kids

Is it possible that apps children can help boost their learning experience? The answer is yes especially when you are going to get your hands on CookieCoo Dancing Star, one of the best examples of fun kids apps available in iTunes stores today. Parents who have iPad, iPod Touch and iPhones can make use of these media devices in teaching their young ones the importance of coordination through dancing to some of the most familiar children's songs today. Ipad apps for kids like CookieCoo Dancing Star are designed to give you and your little ones something to look forward to everyday in terms of learning and gaming experience.

Kids apps for iPad are not bad for their way of learning but is the exact opposite. In this digital age, it is best that you make use of the best kids apps for iPad such as CookieCoo Dancing Star because they are packed with all the modern features of digital games but infused with traditional methods of learning such as colorful characters and catchy tunes. Even if you prefer to settle with free children apps to download, paying less than $1 is still worth every cent because the CookieCoo Dancing Star has what it takes to educate even the youngest learner in your home. There is simply no reason why you should pass up childrens apps such as this. 

With good apps for kids such as CookieCoo Dancing Star, there is no way you and your child will pass up the opportunity to play and learn at the same time. The rhythm game is just for starters. With top apps for children such as CookieCoo Dancing Star, you can already teach your child how to use their basic senses in the right way. There are dozens of top educational apps for kids being sold today but none can come close to ThinkCube's latest invention. Their educational apps like CookieCoo Dancing Star are designed to give parents the relief they need when it comes to teaching their children regardless of how young or old they are.

The various levels to choose from in CookieCoo Dancing Star teaches children how to coordnate their eyes, ears and hands to perfect the rhythm game. What's more, the game itself is highly entertaining which can help you get a few moments of peace in your home. It will certainly be thrill to use this gaming app to bond with your young ones.

iPhone: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cookiecoo-dancing-star/id489072048?mt=8 
iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cookiecoo-dancingstar-hd/id495611023?mt=8 

Submitted by Peter Song on behalf of Woongjin, Korea's largest Education Publisher, and other Korean developers.

Disclosure: Monetary compensation was received for this post, however all opinions are my own.


Jackie said...

Wow these characters are really cute my kids will love this!!

Karen said...

awwwwwww ADORABLE!!!! nothing better than dancing cookies :)

Danielle Meek said...

I know... So cute :)

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