Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parking Pal Magnet Review

Brayden has always been great at watching out for cars when we're in a parking lot, but Trevor isn't so great at taking proper safety precautions. If I'm not holding his hand he tends to take off the first chance he gets. Well, I was recently introduced to the Parking Pal Magnet and I was thrilled when we were sent one to review.

The Parking Pal Magnet is the first invented by moms, for moms product to help with parking lot safety for children. It's super easy to use, just place it on a spot on your car that your child can reach, and tell your child to high-five it. Because of the fun colors and designs, it's entertaining for kids while keeping them safe at the same time.

A few points you might want to remember about the Parking Pal:
* Place the Parking Pal on a CLEAN spot on your car and be sure to rotate the placement to prevent uneven fading.
*Always remove the Parking Pal before going through a car wash because the high pressure can cause it to fall off.
*After purchasing the Parking Pal, have a few practice sessions in your driveway and teach your child not to take their hand off the Parking Pal until you give them permission.

Parking lots can be a very dangerous place for kids... That's why the Parking Pal Magnet is a must have for parents of younger children! Purchase one today for only $8.99 at

Disclosure: I received this review opportunity as part of All opinions are my own.


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