Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Post: Jello Cake Recipe

Hey guys, my name is Amy from The BOAT.  What is The BOAT you ask?  Its a blog about the crazy life of my family - Brynnleigh, Owen, Amy (that's me!), and Troy! I do a Wordless Wednesday each week with LINKY if anyone would like to join along.  I also participate in review and giveaways, so stop on by, since you never know what is going on over at The BOAT!

This is Me & O
B & T

This is my first guest post, and I was so excited when Danielle asked me to participate.  I would love for y'all to come check out my blog and am always looking for new blogs to follow as well.  You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite, and easy recipes.  We started fixing this just for Christmas, but this past year we use it for everything.  It's great on these hot summer days too, and Owen, my 5 year old, LOVES to help me make this.  What is it you ask?  Jello Cake of course!

Christmas Jello Cake

Now the next few pictures are from the cake we made for Father's Day, O wanted to do 3 colors versus 2, so my pictures will vary a bit from your actual cake.  Of course I decided to run upstairs and do my workout and Troy promised me he would take care of taking the cake out of the oven for me and checking them....well 1 layer hadn't cooked all the way through, so we had to throw it out!  In his defense, he did check them...he just missed the fact that one layer wasn't cooked which was why the middle deflated!  O handled it well and we just kept with the regular 2 layer cake.

 1 white cake mix & ingredients to make cake (oil, water, eggs)
 1 3oz green jello (or color of your choice)
 1 3 oz red jello (or color of your choice)
 1 8oz Cool Whip
 2 c. boiling water

Prepare the cake according to the cake directions, and place the batter in 2 - 9" cake pans and cook according to cake directions.
O putting all the ingredients in the mixer!
Yes, I know we shouldn't do this, but this is the fun part of baking!
Allow the cakes to cool for a bit, then poke holes throughout the cake with a fork.  Don't worry if your "holes" are a bit bigger then the fork prongs, the more holes, the more jello!

See the one in the right back corner?  Yep, that one got thrown away.
Mix the green (or whatever color you picked) jello with 1 cup boiling water, and mix the red (or other color) jello with the other cup of boiling water.  Pour one jello liquid over one cake layer, and the other jello liquid over the other cake layer.  Chill for several hours or overnight.

Once chilled, loosen the cake around the edges with a knife.  Place cakes in about an inch of boiling water to loosen cake from pan.  (I've found that it's sometimes easier to shake the cake pan side to side to help loosen too).  Trim and layer cakes, and frost with cool whip icing.

Decorate as desired...most recently we did gummy fish for Father's day!

I hope you all enjoy! (Side note - I'm not sure where this recipe originated, I stole it from my mother-in-law!)

~ Amy


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