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Guest Post: Tips for Throwing a Budget Slumber Party

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If you have school-age children, chances are you have been put on the spot to throw together the ingredients for a successful slumber party or sleepover. It isn’t cheap to provide food and entertainment for a bunch of rowdy kids, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Any good slumber party needs food and entertainment, so here are a few penny-pinching ideas for the next time the party is at your place.

A Slice of Life

One of the classic slumber party meals is take-out pizza; it’s quick, substantial, and generally liked by parents and kids. But after the cost of delivery and a tip, even a take-out pizza can get expensive. Why not attempt to get creative with your dinner by throwing a Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party? You might think that making your own pizza would be even more expensive than ordering one, but if you have flour and pasta sauce around the house, you’re half way there. Not only is making your own pizza entertaining, it is also generally healthier than take-out, and it allows each guest to combine the ingredients they love into their own unique creation. If you don’t have the motivation to make your own pizza, buying store-bought frozen pizza is another inexpensive way to get the meal that all guests will love.

Fire up the DVD Player

After the kids are fed and satisfied, it’s time for the entertainment. What’s better than a movie night to fulfill that need? There are plenty of options for finding the right movie to watch at home. One of the cheapest ways to get a movie is to check your TV listings, and then plan the party around a televised movie. If you prefer the commercial-free route, options like Redbox and Netflix are cheap ways to watch the movies you want, and more and more options are becoming available every day. Many of these rental options are available through an internet connection, and rentals can be as low as one dollar.

Pop Those Kernels 

Finally, what slumber party movie night is complete without popcorn? Just like our pizza dinner, making your own popcorn is a great way to save money on a popular treat. With nothing more than unpopped kernels, vegetable oil, salt, and a brown paper bag you can make delicious popcorn for a fraction of the price of the pre-packaged stuff.

So the next time your son or daughter wants to have friends over, don’t panic. It’s easy to be a frugal host without skimping on quality.


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