Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Celebrate Halloween with Hershey's Halloween Boo Blvd.

Like many families, Hershey candy is an all-time favorite Halloween treat in our house. My boys love to dress up on Halloween, go door-to-door trick or treating, then come home and see all the yummy candies they received. Of course, as a parent it's my right to go through their bags and take out my absolute favorite... Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

After Halloween is over and we're all candied out we are stuck with a tremendous amount of candy and no idea what to do with it. We can sit around eating it for the next six months OR I can make a few delicious desserts with them. But where do I find the inspiration and recipes for said desserts? Well, that's where Hershey's Halloween Boo Blvd. comes in!

Hershey's Halloween Boo Blvd. in a wonderful online resource that you can visit to find Halloween recipes, crafts, share your experiences, and learn tips & tricks to have a super fun, and frightful Halloween! We were recently sent some yummy Hershey's Halloween candy to try out so I decided to go see what kind of Halloween recipes I could find. Here are two of my favorites:

Both of the recipes above are made with Reese's Pieces which just happens to be one of the candies that Hershey sent us. The other was their Cadbury Screme Eggs. What are Cadbury Screme Eggs?  Well, they're basically the Cadbury eggs that we all know and love with a green creamy center for a Halloween twist... Fun, right?!

Whether you're looking for treats to hand out to kiddos on Halloween or a delicious dessert to make with all of your left over candy you should definitely consider checking out everything Hershey's Halloween Boo Blvd. has to offer... And don't forget to pick up your favorite Hershey's candy in stores nationwide!


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