Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crunch Pak FlavorZ- Healthy Snacks for Kids!

Last summer we had the opportunity to review Crunch Pak Disney products and my boys loved them so much that we've been buying them ever since. Well, Crunch Pak recently launched a new line of sliced apple snacks for kids called FlavorZ and we were very excited when they offered to send us some to review.

About Crunch Pak FlavorZ:
Crunch Pak FlavorZ are apples infused with a natural flavoring that result in another fruit flavor. The apples are infused after slicing which means the texture and appearance are not changed. Crunch Pak FlavorZ are available in three aromatic fruit flavors: Peach/mango, grape and strawberry vanilla cream. The Flavorz packages feature popular Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Phineas and Ferb and beloved Disney Princess characters such as Snow White.

To be honest when I first heard about Crunch Pak FlavorZ I wasn't sure how Brayden and Trevor would react to them. I mean, they love snacking on apple slices but apples that taste like other fruit? Well, they love them! In fact, they love them so much that we went through all three packs in one week!

Their favorite of the three flavors was the grape which taste more like grape juice than an actual grape, but they didn't care! They also really enjoyed the peach/mango flavor... I'm not a big fan of peach but I did try a little piece and they taste just like peaches. I don't know if it was the princess packaging or the flavor but they didn't enjoy the strawberry vanilla cream FlavorZ as much as the others. The flavor was less intense than the other two and you could really only taste a slight hint of strawberry, which Brayden pointed out right away.

Crunch Pak FlavorZ are perfect for afternoon snacking, sending to school for lunch, and even for eating with your favorite dinner. They're healthy, they're nutritious, and best of all, kids like them! Plus, they feature all of your kids favorite Disney characters as an added bonus.

Available for a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a pack of 5, 2-ounce bags, Crunch Pak FlavorZ can be purchased year round in grocery stores nationwide.


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