Friday, October 26, 2012

Holding onto the Nuclear Family

The most valuable goal in life is the preservation of the nuclear family. So many families today go through the pain of separation either by choice or unfortunate circumstances that create a great deal of envy in people without a close family for those who do have one.  A close family would go to the end of the earth and back for each other if it means remaining happy, healthy, and safe.

Part of that healthy preservation means trying new ideas that may seem a little unorthodox but in actuality have the power to help keep your family together.  The world battles with illness and disease on a regular basis that medical experts are increasingly trying to find new methods of treatment to cope with infection.  Medical breakthroughs however, have made it possible for families to have hope when tragedy strikes.

One of these breakthroughs was discovered to be umbilical cord blood. Cord blood contains valuable stem cells at the moment of a baby’s birth that through proper preservation, have the ability to develop into disease fighting immune cells.  Doctors have proven cord blood’s effectiveness in treating cases of leukemia, heart disease, and cerebral palsy among others; and encourage families to become educated on the cord blood preservation process through services such as

Cord blood is a perfect genetic match to your baby at any point in his or her life negating the need to find a suitable donor in the case that such a treatment is needed.  Hospitals work in partnership with cord blood banking programs so that should you decide to make the preservation, the procedure can be performed right after the birth of your baby.  The procedure itself is harmless, will only take a few minutes, and in no way endangers either mother or child.

A nuclear family is one of the most important treasures you can have in life because unwavering love and support can sometimes be hard to find.  Keeping all who you love happy and healthy is not only a goal in life; it becomes your life.

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Karen Beck said...

I have two boys also, and I believe I'm really lucky to have come from a family with 2 parents who were married for over 40 years, raised 7 kids, and me and all of my sisters have all been married with families and no divorces. I think people rush into marriage too quick and then are too quick to end it when they aren't happy. And the children suffer for it. Children learn from what they see practiced in the home.

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