Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Nutristysem- My Final Weigh-In!

If you've been reading my weekly Nutrisystem weight-ins you probably already know that I've been struggling with the program for a few weeks now... And I have made the decision to call it quits. Don't get me wrong, Nutrisystem has been absolutely amazing and I truly feel so much better about my self but I think it's time to take a new approach to this whole weight loss thing.

By no means am I giving up on losing weight, I've just decided that instead of "dieting" I'm going to try to do things the healthy way. I'm not going to go back to the way I was before the program which was eating junk food and drinking soda all day, instead I'm going to be a healthier version of my former self. Nutrisystem has taught me that snacking is okay in moderation and also that when you're craving something sweet eat an apple with peanut butter instead of a big slice of chocolate cake!

Now, I don't know that I'll continue to lose weight but I do know that I will not go back to the 184 pounds that I was before! That is a person that I do not want to be and Nutrisystem really has helped me to see the light. With a simple change of diet, you can be comfortable with the way you look and honestly you feel much better on the inside too.

Being on Nutrisystem has definitely been an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity, but I'm also really excited to see what's in store for me now that my Nutrisystem journey has come to an end!

So, what are the final results?

Starting weight (May 8th): 184
Final weight (October 17th): 164
TOTAL Weight Lost: 20 Pounds!!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem provided their program and support services free of charge in exchange for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. All opinions are my own.


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