Thursday, November 29, 2012

Climbing Frames – The Benefits of Climbing Play Equipment {Guest Post}

Climbing Frames have been around for years, from the simple metal structures we used to see in parks back n the day to the beautifully crafted wooden, metal and crazy masterpieces we see today.

A few years ago climbing frames were generally seen to be something only the rich could afford.  Just like a lot of home goods demand is met and therefore the prices for items come down. This is fortunate as parents become more and more worried about letting their children out of sight. It gives a lot of homes the opportunity to provide an exciting and stimulating play environment in their own home. Big Game Hunters is a British company that has embraced this – bringing wooden climbing frames into the reach of customers who could never have dreamed of buying one before, their range can be seen at

Climbing is something which children master very early on. It may begin with the mission to climb the stairs or climb onto the couch from the floor. It is something instinctive that children do because it is all part of them developing and growing. Climbing allows children to improve their coordination and motor skills. It also helps develop muscle all over their body as it works so many different parts of the body.

As well as being a challenge climbing can be fun – the relief and joy that is felt after scaling a climbing frame tower is heightened by the freedom of sliding down a slide to reach the bottom again. Wooden climbing frames are perfect for homes as they have a natural finish and will not make your garden look like it has been attacked by brightly colored plastic items. There is nothing worse than relaxing in your lovely garden being surrounded by plastic brightly colored objects (for most people anyway). Climbing frames can incorporate climbing, sliding, swinging – perhaps even monkey bars for the slightly older child who requires even more of a challenge.

If buying a new climbing frame is slightly out of your financial reach, then there are other options. Accessories can be bought separately, and you could (if you are feeling handy) utilize trees in your garden to make something fun for your children to climb all over. You could attach a climbing net, maybe some wooden rungs and possibly a den at the tops of the tree for your children to hide away in! Some people can be a little apprehensive at letting their children climb – worries that they may fall down and hurt themselves are on most parents minds. It is important to remember that most children are tough and will bounce back – especially if your climbing structure is on soft ground. A few bumps and bruises can build resistance and determination so can never be a bad thing! If you are worried the ground is a little too hard, you can always buy rubber mats or play bark which will cushion any accidental fall.

The main aim is to give your children the fun and freedom and also generally encourage them to be outside playing more – it all benefits their health and development.

Disclosure: Monetary compensation was received for this post, however, all opinions are my own.


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