Wednesday, November 28, 2012

POOF-Slinky Toys for the Holidays! {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

Slinky truly is an American icon and I don't know a single kid that doesn't enjoy playing with one! I mean, who doesn't love setting a slinky on the stairs and watching it climb down? I know I loved it as a kid and now my boys love it as much as I do!

Well, POOF-Slinky recently sent us a few products to review and my boys were in heaven! Of course we were sent the original metal slinky that we all know and love but we also received a few other items too including an original Toy Story Slinky Dog and a POOF Pro Gold Mini Sport Pack.

If you have a little Toy Story fan, the Slinky Dog pull toy is absolutely perfect for them. Designed for ages 18 months+, the Slinky Dog pull toy has wheels on his feet and a string on his head so he can be pulled around the house. The Toy Story Slinky Dog is durable, fun, and features one of Trevor's favorite Toy Story characters... It doesn't get much better than that!

Slinky Dog

You can purchase the Original Toy Story Slinky Dog for a suggested retail price of $26.50. Plus, POOF-Slinky also offers a variety of other Toy Story Slinky Dog toys for your little ones including a Slinky Dog Jr, Slinky Dog Plush, Slinky Dog Barking Flashlight, and a Slinky Dog Bubble Blower.

Now, we have seen POOF balls around before and we actually have a few different ones so we were very excited to receive a set of sports balls to review. If you're not familiar with POOF, they offer a variety of foam balls and flying toys for kids. Because they're foam they're much safer and much less destructive making them a favorite for many parents (including myself).

The POOF Pro Gold Mini Sport Pack we were sent to review includes a 4" soccer ball, 4" basketball, and a 6" football, all for a suggested retail price of only $10.50. If your kids are anything like mine and they insist on throwing balls in the house, POOF balls are definitely the way to go! Now the kids can have fun doing what they love to do without breaking things and hurting each other... It's a win, win!

POOF-Slinky toys make perfect gifts this holiday season... They're high quality fun for kids of any age and they would look great under your tree Christmas morning.


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