Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Razor FlashRider 360 - Loads of Fun for Big Kids! {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

Outside toys have always been a hit with my boys and as Brayden is getting older he's starting to want "cooler" outside toys, you know, something different than your average basketball net and bicycle. Well, that's where the Razor FlashRider 360 comes in.

About the FlashRider 360:
Watch your world spin by as the sparks fly with the FlashRider 360™. Dual inclined caster wheels offer the ultimate spinning action – throw fast 360° spins, then pull the spark lever to let them fly. Recommended for ages 6+

Brayden was in love as soon as he saw the Razor FlashRider 360! A friend of his has the RipRider 360, which is similar to the new FlashRider 360, and he loves riding that, so when we received the FlashRider 360 to review Brayden was ecstatic!

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful few days here in PA this past weekend so we were able to take the FlashRider 360 out and give it a whirl. Brayden is the perfect age for it and he really rides it like a champ! Down the sidewalk he goes, then he pulls up the lever to watch the sparks fly, spins around, and does it all over again. To say this thing is a blast really is an understatement!

What's great about the FlashRider 360, besides the fact that it's pure fun for kids, is the fact that it's built to last. Razor is a very well known brand for scooters and other outside toys so this company definitely knows what they're doing. Another thing I love is that it's built for kids up to 160 pounds, that means Brayden (and Trevor when he gets a little bigger) will have years of fun with this thing.

The FlashRider 360 retails for $109.99 BUT it's on sale right now in several stores for a HOT price of only $79.99! How cool would it look sitting under your tree Christmas morning?!?!


Water Rolls Uphill said...

That looks like a lot of fun.

Pam said...

That does look like an amazing ride. Too bad they don't make them for us big people.

I could see some little guy I know very happy on Christmas morning when he sees this under the tree.

Thanks for the review!

Daisy May said...

I saw some kids riding this yesterday and wondered what it was!! Now I know THAnks

Mrs. Stephens said...

That looks like loads of fun. I know both my boys would love this gift.

Sam said...

I wish I had one of these as a kid. Looks very fun!

Sabrina Ramirez said...

That looks like fun. I bet my boy would love it.

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