Monday, November 26, 2012

Razor Kick Scooters - Fun for Kids of All Ages! {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

As I mentioned in my Razor FlashRider 360 review, my boys love to play outside and scooters have always been a favorite for them. Brayden actually received a Razor Scooter for his birthday last year and Trevor has been begging for one ever since. I honestly through Razor Scooters were just for big kids, that was until I learned about the Lil' Kick.

The Lil' Kick is designed for first time riders who want a scooter of their own. It features a three-wheel design for more stability and an extra wide slip-resistant deck to help keep the little ones from falling off. The Lil' Kick even features a handlebar pad just in case there's an accident, as there almost always is with little kids.

We were recently sent the Lil' Kick to review and it became an instant hit with Trevor. He can now ride around on his own Razor Scooter and I don't have to worry that it's not safe enough for him. It's a win, win all around!

Like most things, the Lil' Kick does require some adult assembly so if you're thinking of purchasing one for the kiddos this holiday season you might want to set it up on Christmas eve so it's all ready to go in the morning. But don't worry... The assembly is quick and painless and it even comes with the tools you need to get it done!

If you have older kids who won't quite enjoy the Lil' Kick as much as Trevor does you should also check out the A2 Scooter which is designed for ages 5 and up. The A2 Scooter features the classic aluminum style that Razor is known for with some cool features including springless front suspension, a wheelie bar, a rear brake, and adjustable handlebars. Plus, the A2 is foldable making it easy to carry or stick in the back of the car when heading to a friends house or to the park.

The Lil' Kick and the A2 Kick Scooter are both perfect for keeping kids active while they're playing outside. They're fun, they're durable, and best of all... They're from a brand that is well known and trusted for their quality scooters. You can purchase the Lil' Kick for $34.99 and the A2 for $49.99 in authorized online and retail stores nationwide including Target, Toys R Us, and Kohls to name a few.


Alaina Bullock said...

Too cute pictures! Looks like he is loving it! My son would love one of these! A great gift idea!

Julieann R said...

This is something my nephew would sure love.

Kelly R said...

I would love to get this for my nephew. This is a wonderful gift idea. Thank you for sharing.

Bella So Savvy said...

Scooters are SO much fun. I like that this one has 2 wheels in the back so little kids can ride also.

Dee Mauser
Bella Savvy

MikiHope said...

I had a scooter when I was young (I am 62 now)-of course it was not as light and good looking as these--and boy do I wish it had had 3 wheels!!

Coup Gator said...

So cute!
I didn't even know they made 3 wheel scooters for younger kids.

sharon cullen said...

I'm looking at kids scooters for my son, but there are so many different kinds and makes. Can anybody give me any advice for getting a good one?
kids scooters

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