Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips for Choosing Funeral Flowers

While funerals are never a truly happy occasion, they don’t have to be gloomy if you purchase bright and beautiful flowers that will cheer up the funeral hall. Your loved one would probably prefer to have the good memories remembered rather than dwelling on the bad, and a funeral that is accented by beautiful blooms can help invoke tender feelings of joy even amidst the sadness of losing someone you love. If you are unsure which blooms to choose for an upcoming funeral, here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect plants for the occasion.

Consider Grouping Blooms
Few things are as spectacular as a giant bouquet of blooms put together in a striking and memorable arrangement. If you want to have a large centerpiece that is certain to take your breath away, consider pooling money to purchase one large bouquet of blooms instead of several smaller bouquets. If you are purchasing a bouquet to donate to a funeral for a friend’s family, you can follow the same advice and have all of your family members pitch in to purchase them a large bouquet that will clearly show how much you all care. Grouping blooms can be a great way to contribute to someone else’s funeral.

Personalize Your Choice
One of the most touching ways to remember a person is by purchasing a bouquet that is full of the plants and blooms that they loved the most while in this life. If your loved one preferred daisies, there is nothing wrong with a bouquet full of daisies at a funeral. If your loved one adored roses, then make sure that your funeral bouquets include this beautiful flower as well. Whether you are purchasing a bouquet for your own loved one’s funeral or donating your bouquet to someone else’s funeral service, it will mean much more if your choice of blooms is personalized.

Think Twice About Glass Vases
Some funeral homes have specific rules about glass vases, so it is important that you find out what type of vase the funeral home will accept before buying your blooms. Additionally, because you will be dealing with so many different bouquets and vases for the upcoming funeral, it can be dangerous if they are all made from glass. To keep everyone safe and to ensure that no vases are broken on the day of the funeral, it is best to request non-glass vases for funeral flower arrangements.

Where To Send Your Bouquet
If you are providing a beautiful bouquet for another family’s funeral, then you may be wondering where you should send it. It might be inappropriate to send the bouquet directly to the funeral home, but you are perfectly fine if you send it to the family’s home. If you send your bouquet directly to the family’s home they will very much appreciate the sentiment, and they will have even more beautiful blooms to help comfort them during their painful loss. Additionally, they won’t have to figure out where to display your bouquet in the funeral home at the last minute, which can help to minimize their stress.

If you follow these simple tips you should have an easier time choosing the perfect funeral bouquet to donate to a funeral or to display at your own loved one’s funeral.

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