Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Uncle Milton Dinosaur Train Toys Review {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

Trevor is a huge fan of Dinosaur Train. We have a few Dinosaur Train DVDs and train sets that Trevor is absolutely obsessed with but when he saw these Dinosaur Train toys from Uncle Milton he fell in love!

If you are not familiar with Uncle Milton then you have definitely got to check them out! They offer a variety of award-winning toys and lead the science category with popular brands including Star Wars Science, Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train, In My Room, and Explore It! Their toys are educational, inspire wonder, and best of all, they're fun.

We were recently sent a variety of Dinosaur Train toys to review including Hatchers, Dino Poop, and a Ned Brachiosaurus Periscope. Now if you have kids then I'm sure you've tried some sort of "grow" toys before but Uncle Milton's Hatchers are much cooler than your average place it in water and watch it grow toy. Hatchers come in all four of your favorite Dinosaur Train characters and each comes in it's own little egg that cracks when placed in water. What's really cool about Hatchers though, is the fact that the Dinosaur Train characters grown 4x their normal size! Needless to say, my boys love them!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering about this Dino Poop that I mentioned, right? It's not as gross as it sounds, trust me! It's actually soft, pliable dino dough that is filled with bones, plant pieces, or both. The whole point behind the Dino Poop is to make a hypothesis of what you think your dinosaur friend may have eaten, then dig out the pieces, and put them together to see if your hypothesis was correct. It's super fun for the kiddos and parents can be happy because they're learning cool things about dinosaurs.

Last up is the Ned Brachiosaurus Periscope. Ned Brachiosaurus has a very long neck that lets him see over trees and around the bend. Now, with the help of the Ned Brachiosaurus Periscope, your kids can see the world from Ned's point of view. Ned Brachiosaurus Periscope doesn't require batteries! Kids simply look through the bottom and see what they can see. Now, this isn't a toy with bells and whistles but my kiddos still think it's pretty cool!

Uncle Milton Dinosaur Train toys are fun, they're educational, and they would make excellent Christmas gifts for your kiddos this year! You can purchase these toys and others on their website at


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