Friday, December 14, 2012

GUND Plush Friends Review {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

In our house you can't go wrong when it comes to plush friends. Whether it's an animal, a favorite cartoon character, or a creepy looking monster, if it's stuffed my boys will love it. But what you may not know is that get their love for stuffed animals from me. I was a tad bit obsessed when I was younger as well and I have since passed that obsession onto my boys.

Now, I have obviously toned down my obsession and only have a few stuffed animals of my own, most of which my boys end up stealing anyway. But when GUND offered to send us a couple to review I jumped on the opportunity, and when I saw what they sent I got even more excited.

Have you heard of GUNDimals? GUNDimals are realistic-looking plush animals including dogs, cats, farm animals, and wildlife. What makes these animals so realistic is the fact that the designers use airbrushing and ironing to make them look as real as possible.

We were recently sent a frog GUNDimals to review and I (and my boys) love it! I actually adore frogs and I even have a frog tattoo (no it's not an obsession, I just think they're cute LOL) so I was extremely happy when they sent this particular GUNDimal. The frog is super soft and cuddly and looks extremely realistic.

GUNDimals are available in three sizes including beanbag, small, and medium and retail between $10 and $24. They're the perfect size for stocking stuffers and will look adorable sitting under your tree Christmas morning!

Along with the frog we were also sent an absolutely adorable Curious George plush. This 8" plush is soft, huggable, and absolutely perfect for even the smallest Curious George fan. Trevor took claim to him as soon as he arrived and he has been sleeping with him ever since. To say he loves it would definitely be an understatement.

Curious George is available in a variety of different sizes and themes including a Christmas Curious George and a birthday Curious George. The 8" can be purchased for $10 and again, would make a great stocking stuffer or basket filler.


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