Thursday, December 6, 2012

Michael Angelo's Meat Lasagna - Just Like Mom Would make!

To say that I love lasagna is an understatement... There's nothing better than a heaping pile of noodles, meats, and cheeses for dinner. Well, as a busy mom I don't always have time to make meals from scratch and often rely of frozen meals for my family. The problem with frozen foods, however, is that it's hard to find something that actually tastes like homemade.

I was recently contacted by Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods and asked to conduct a lasagna taste test. That's right, they are so confident in their frozen Italian meals that they asked me to put it up against the big guys and girls of the frozen lasagna world including Stouffer’s and Marie Callender's. They provided me with a Walmart gift card to purchase a few Michael Angelo's products as well as competitor products and put them to the test.

Unfortunately, our local Walmart didn't end up having Michael Angelo's frozen lasagna but our local Giant did so we picked up a meat lasagna from Michael Angelo's as well as the competitors and conducted our test. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the size of the Michael Angelo's meat lasagna. It was big enough to feed our family of four one meal, but I like to have leftovers for my husband, Nate, to take for lunch at work and with the Michael Angelo's lasagna there were no leftovers.

In the end though, our family definitely favored Michael Angelo's to the other lasagna varieties we tried. Because Michael Angelo's uses an authentic Italian recipe, fresh beef and herbs, vine-ripened tomatoes, and premium cheeses, it really tastes like the real deal. Best of all, Michael Angelo's products are made from scratch without added fillers, dyes, or preservatives, allowing it to taste like a delicious homemade meal instead of a frozen lasagna.


Along with the delicious meat lasagna, Michael Angelo's also offers a variety of other products including baked ziti with meatballs, shrimp scampi, chicken alfredo, and much more. Since we enjoyed the lasagna so much, I know we will definitely be trying some of the other varieties in the near future.


Amanda Lyn said...

I love lasagna! I'd eat it all the time if I could, I just hate making it and other frozen lasagna's I've tried have tasted less than great. I'll have to give this a try, thanks for sharing!

Ashley S said...

I've bought the lasagnas before. They are so delicious. We'll have to try the Baked Ziti :) Thanks for sharing!

Motherhood on the Rocks said...

I love lasagna! I'll have to try these!

Kelly R said...

Thank you for the review. I was wondering how this tasted. Now I think I will try it.

Melissa Campeau said...

I am not the biggest fan of frozen meals like these, but I know some are really tasty and actually previous decent in quality. Maybe it is because I ate too many of them as a teenager that now I am feeling iffy about them but they do look good these ones... they look really saucy!

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