Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Gogglies

Have you ever bought a pair of swim goggles and had the strap break the first time your kids put them on? Or had your little girls hair get tangled in the strap when she was trying to take her goggles off? Well, lucky for us Gogglies were invented!

Gogglies are basically replacement straps for those horrible rubber swim goggle straps. You can either use Gogglies with your favorite goggles that you already own, or purchase them with pink or blue goggles already attached. Available in a variety of colors, Gogglies are fun for boys, girls, and even adults.

We were recently sent a pair of black Gogglies with the blue goggles to review. And in my opinion Gogglies are a keeper for many reasons! Gogglies neoprene strap is more comfortable than rubber straps, plus it makes them much easier to put on and take off. Another thing I love about Gogglies is the fact that you can adjust them while they're already on thanks to the simple velcro straps. But most importantly, Gogglies are durable so you don't have to worry about the strap snapping when you're trying to put them on.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Green Toys

It's no big secret how much my boys and I love Green Toys... We've been lucky enough to work with them a few times in the past and I'm so thrilled to announce that they're offering three fantastic toys to one lucky winner during Summer Splash!

Not familiar with Green Toys? Green Toys offers a variety of environmentally friendly eco toys made from 100% recycled plastic right here in the USA. Made mostly from recycled milk jugs, Green Toys are super safe for your kids and contain no BPA or Phthalates.

As a parent it's important that toys are not only fun for my kids, but also that they get to use their imagination. Because Green Toys products don't have all the bells and whistles that some toys have they really require kids to use their imagination and play in a completely different way. Whether they're putting out pretend fires, building things like daddy, or pretending they're a chef at a restaurant, I know with Green Toys products my boys are having fun!

So what three toys are you going to have the chance to win during Summer Splash? What says summer more than sand toys and boats? NOTHING! That's why Green Toys is giving away a sand play set, a tugboat, and their newly released salad set.

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Wham-O Slip 'N Slide

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do during the summer was play with our Slip 'N Slide... There's nothing better than having a fun way to cool off when it's hot out! Well, it's 20-something years later and now Slip 'N Slide products are just as popular with my boys as they were with me and my brother when we were little.

Slip 'N Slide products are definitely a hit with any kids which is why I was so excited when Wham-O offered to send us a Shaky Tree Sprinkler to review. The sprinkler is a little different from your average Slip 'N Slide, instead of running and sliding on your belly into a puddle of water the sprinkler sprays water out of the top of the tree to soak you.

Summer Splash sponsor Spotlight: Sunsets, Inc.

Because I have a rather large chest it's very hard for me to find bathing suits that look good and supports the girls. That's why I was so excited when I discovered Sunsets, Inc.

Sunsets is a separates swimsuit collection that offers everything from junior's size extra small to full figure women, from size A to E. Offering 30 different silhouettes in over 20 unique prints and solids, Sunsets makes it easy for women to mix and match to find the ideal suit to fit their style.

I was recently sent two Sunsets separates to review and I absolutely love them! To support the girls, I received the Twist Halter Top which has underwire for better support for larger cups as well as the super cute Soft Tie Side Bottoms, both in dark chocolate solid to compliment my summer tan.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sun Care Tips: Smart Sunscreen Use #CoppertoneWaterMoms

I'm very excited to announce that I'm a Coppertone Water MOM... That means I'm going to be sharing tips and useful information to keep you and your family protected from the sun this summer!

Today I'm going to share with you a few sun care tips for smart sunscreen use (as provided by the Coppertone Water MOMS newsletter):

*Get a head start on the sun
Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you are exposed to the sun.

*Don't skimp on sunscreen
Use it liberally and apply it evenly over all exposed skin to ensure complete coverage. Reapply as directed.

*Cover all the bases
It's easy to overlook spots like the ears, neck, and shoulders, but they need sunscreen too. Remember to grab a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and to seek shade when the sun is most intense.

*Follow the numbers
SPF tells you the level of protection a sunscreen provides from sunburn. Use sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher whenever you'll be outdoors.

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: J*Flops

Remember the other day when I told you about my flip flop obsession? Well, I've found another company that I'm totally in love with that specializes in custom flip flops... J*Flops!

J*Flops specializes in custom flip flops for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, and even wedding guests, but they also offer a variety of ridiculously adorable everyday flip flops too. With nine different color flip flops to choose from and over fifty ribbon colors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the flip flops of your dreams!

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Eyes Cream Shades

Brayden is at that stage in his life where everything has to be "cool". He has to have cool graphic tees, the coolest shoes, and even his sunglasses have to be cool. Well, we were recently sent a pair of Eyes Cream Shades kids sunglasses to review and let me just say these definitely have the cool factor he's looking for.

Eyes Cream Shades specialize in quality kids sunglasses that are durable, comfortable, and fashion-forward. All lenses are polycarbonate, making them shatter resistant, and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection so not only do these glasses look cool, but they keep your kids protected too!

Brayden was sent a pair of Double D Licorice Ice shades to review and he absolutely loves them. The Licorice Ice style features a sleek black frame with baby blue accents and grey lenses. These sunglasses fit his head perfectly, they look great, and their durability makes them perfect for us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: TruKid

As summer nears it's very important to remember to keep our kids (and ourselves) safe from the sun. I've always been pretty brand-loyal when it comes to sunscreen but recently I was sent some TruKid sunscreen to try out and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

TruKid is a California-based lifestyle company for kids that is focused on creating healthy habits and promoting positive lifestyle choices for children and their families. They offer a variety of natural skin, hair, and sun care products for kids including Silly Shampoo, Bubbly Body Wash, and Dancing Hair Detangler to name a few.


We received the Sunny Days Sport Sunscreen and Sunny Days Face & Body stick to review. Both sunscreens are SPF30+ and water resistant. I really like the Face & Body stick for my boys because it makes applying sunscreen to their faces super easy and the fact that it's water resistant makes it that much better.

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Erin's Expressions

In my opinion having things that are personalized just for you is super exciting, especially for kids, so why not make going to the beach or spending the day at the neighborhood pool that much more special by having personalized towels? Erin's Expressions has the cutest Stephen Joseph beach towels that are personalized just for your kids!

Available in five different designs including an alligator, dolphin, butterfly, crab, and pirate, the hooded towels at Erin's Expressions can be monogrammed with your child's name or initials in a variety of adorable fonts and colors. We were sent a pirate hooded towel to review and Brayden loves it! The towel is super soft and cute and is just perfect for spending a day in the water, or even after taking his nightly bath.

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Julbo USA

Did you know that different sunglasses offer different amounts of protection from harmful UVA, B and C rays? To be completely honest, I had no idea! I thought that all sunglasses offered 100% protection from these harmful rays so for the longest time I was buying my boys cheap drugstore sunglasses only to recently find out that their eyes are not as protected as they should be.

Well, I recently discovered Julbo USA who offers only lenses that are optical category 1 guaranteeing 100% protection from harmful UVA, B and C rays. We were sent a pair of Booba kids sunglasses to review and we love them! These sunglasses are perfect for my boys in so many ways... They keep them protected, they're extremely durable, and they look cool making Brayden and Trevor want to wear them.

About Booba sunglasses from Julbo USA:
*Recommend for ages 4-6 (they also fit Trevor who's 3)
*The Booba gives great support for little ones gaining their freedom. The wrap-around shape and wide temples provide an effective barrier to the sun’s rays. The double injection frame gives optimum comfort with a super-soft finish for the part in contact with the face. The temple profile and curved ends hold the fram securely on the ears.
*Spectrum 4 Baby lens makes them suitable for mountain environments, use on the water, and bright sun conditions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight: Itzy Bitzy

One day I was doing a little online "window shopping" at Zulily, one of my favorite daily deal sites, when I came across Itzy Bitzy. Itzy Bitzy specializes in affordable infant and toddler footwear and accessories that are just adorable, but what really caught my attention was the story behind the company.

Michelle and her husband James created Itzy Bitzy after discovering how popular squeaky shoes were when their twin daughters were learning how to walk, but more importantly they are dedicated to raising public awareness of individuals with facial differences and they knew that Itzy Bitzy would be a great way to help them do that. One of their twins, Sydney, was born with a Craniofacial condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome which causes underdevelopment of the facial bones, so to support the mission of the organizations associated with Treacher Collins Syndrome and Craniofacial Conditions, which Michelle is so passionate about, Itzy Bitzy donates a portion of their sales to Children's Craniofacial Association and the Treacher Collins Connection. You can learn more about their story and these organizations by visiting

Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight:

As a mom I'm always searching for the funnest and cutest gear for my boys... Whether it's a new backpack for school, a tote bag or suitcase for overnight trips to grandma's, or a new beach tote... It has to be fun and functional at the same time!

I recently discovered and I was immediately drawn to their large variety of kid's gear. They offer tons of Stephen Joseph products for kids, that are completely adorable and totally functional making them one of my new favorite places to shop for kids gear.

Since beach season is right around the corner I was super excited when Cute Kids Gear offered to send us a Stephen Joseph beach tote bag to review. The beach totes are available in five different styles including a dolphin, shark, crab, turtle, and a pirate ship, and they even come with a little set of sand toys.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Amazon Gift Card Blowout! *Closed*

Oh yeah! We did it again! This time Acadiana's Thrifty Mom has teamed up with SaleCamel to bring you a super-D-duper giveaway for 3 gift cards! Yes, 3 lucky winners will each win a $200 Amazon gift card! Be sure to finish all the entries so you increase your chances of winning! This giveaway runs from April 30 until May 21. This giveaway is sponsored by SaleCamel and hosted by Acadiana's Thrifty Mom and Baby Coupons & Stuff. 

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This giveaway will be open to U.S. residents only. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. This giveaway is, in no way, affiliated with Facebook.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Giveaway Event $300+ in prizes *Closed*

mothers day gift ideas

Everyone loves their mom and always wants to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. These are the gifts I have found and would love to share with you. After you enter my giveaway head over to Makobi Scribe to see her mothers day gift ideas worth over $3000. Then stop by Sason & Pobi to enter the grand prize drawing of a Toshiba 32SLV411U - 32" class 720p 60Hz TV/DVD Combo!

Here at Life With Two Boys you can win a prize pack valued at $335. Click the links below to read my reviews and learn more about the products, then enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

The prize pack includes:

MyLolliflops Embellished Flip Flops Review and Giveaway *Closed*


I love flip flops! If I could wear flip flops in the middle of winter without the fear of my feet freezing off, I would! Some might say (my husband would definitely say!) I have a bit of an obsession with them... But what's not to love? They're comfortable, they keep your feet cool in the summer, and they show off freshly painted toes.

The only problem I personally have with flip flops is they can definitely be boring... Well, thanks to MyLolliflops you can now customize and embellish flip flops and wedges to fit your personality as well as your style needs. Whether you're looking for something fancy for a beautiful beach wedding or you just want some pretty rhinestone flip flops to wear out and about, MyLolliflops has got you covered.

Because summer is right around the corner I was sent an adorable pair of sky blue MyLolliflops with a super cute starfish embellishment and I couldn't be happier. They're cute, they're comfortable, and they're the perfect addition to my flip flop collection.

The Children's Place Review and $25 Gift Card Giveaway *Closed*

Summer is right around the corner and that means it's time to go shopping for warm weather clothes for the kiddos. When it comes to shopping for my boys there's three things I tend to look at... Style, Quality, and Price. I want clothes to be stylish, with quality and durability that can stand up to my boys, without breaking the bank. Since kids can't usually wear the same size from one year to the next price is very important!

The Children's Place is always one of my go-to stores when I'm shopping for my boys. They have everything from skulls and drums for Brayden to sports and characters for Trevor and the prices are great! The Children's Place constantly has awesome sales, plus they send coupons in the mail too which is definitely a plus. But what's great about The Children's Place is the quality... I always know that I can count on their clothes to be durable enough for my boys!


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