Friday, January 25, 2013

Keekoo BID2WIN Events Begin February 1st!

Have you heard of Keekoo is a flash-sale website devoted exclusively to providing discounted premier maternity products and baby gear. Well, beginning February 1st they will begin offering a new daily bid event called BID2WIN.

During Keekoo's BID2WIN Events mommies and mommies-to-be will be able to make a bid on a variety of top-quality baby gear including strollers, high chairs, carriers, and more! During the BID2WIN Events Keekoo will take the offer to the manufacturer in real time, and if accepted, will award the gear to the shopper at their offer BID or better. Plus, the first BID2WIN strollers event will include FREE SHIPPING on all strollers won by shoppers.

Must-have baby gear like strollers and high chairs are not something you usually come across at a discounted price but keekoo's BID2WIN events will give you the opportunity to win baby gear at great prices!

Sounds great, right?! Be sure to register today so you can start bidding on February 1st!


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