Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neater Feeder Review - No More Slobbery Floors!

Our black lab, Lady, is infamous for running around the house and making a huge mess. Before the Neater Feeder came along you couldn't walk by her bowl without stepping on spilled food or water. But now, with the help of the Neater Feeder, the spill is contained instead of being all over the bottom of our socks!

The award winning Neater Feeder features a unique design with protective walls to contain splashes and spills from an inadvertent kick or an excited pet. This revolutionary system holds spilled food in an upper reservoir while spilled water flows down a gentle slope through a patent-pending filtering system. The spilled water drains into a lower reservoir that can safely contain more than an entire bowl of spilled water, keeping it off the floor until you are ready to dispose of it.

Sounds pretty great right?! Well, it is! The Neater Feeder is available in four different sizes making it perfect for any animal from tiny cats to large golden retrievers and labs. You can even purchase leg extensions to ensure the perfect height for your four-legged friend.

What's great about the Neater Feeder is that it not only keeps spills off of the floor, but it also helps when your pets are messy eaters. Lady makes a horrible mess when it comes to eating... I mean there used to be food all over the floor and slobber puddles the size of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Neater Feeder is also great at catching the mess straight out of the dogs mouth!

We absolutely love our Neater Feeder and I highly recommend it to anyone with a less than perfect pet! You can purchase the Neater Feeder for a suggested retail price of $34.99 to $59.99 at select pet stores nationwide.


Sue Hull said...

This is really cool! My daughter has 3 dogs, 2 chihuahua mixes and 1 black lab mix.I could just see the three of them knocking this over.They're messy eaters.Lol!

Alexandra said...

We keep our dog outside so I dont mind the mess she makes and I think I would need two of them to keep her satisfied (St Bernaise dog!) :) But it does look helpful for all the pets living at home!

Michele P. said...

I have a disabled kitty that makes a mess everywhere, this is very cool... and it would save me cleanup time too!

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