Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoobies Glow Bugs Review

You probably already know how much we love Zoobies. Honestly, our collection just keeps growing and growing... We can't get enough of these adorable blanket pets. Well, we were recently given the opportunity to review their new Glow Bugs that are going to be introduced during this years Toy Fair and we couldn't be happier!

So what are Glow Bugs you ask? Well, Glow Bugs are the 3-in-1 plush animals that we know and love with an added feature... They glow in the dark! Glow Bugs are available in two varieties, Glimmer the Glow Worm and Flicker the Firefly.

Glow Bugs feature a special state of the art technology that utilizes soft, plush material that glows in the dark. Forget the glow in the dark hard plastic that was used on plush toys in the past, these babies are super soft, plush, and will not hurt when kids roll over on them in the middle of the night!

Best of all, Glow Bugs are not battery operated! To get your bugs to glow simply place them underneath a light source for at least three minutes, then turn off the lights and watch them glow. The lights last just long enough to be used as a night light while the kiddos fall asleep, and they offer the perfect amount of glow that won't keep them awake.

Overall, theses glow in the dark plush animals are a huge hit with my boys and I'm sure they will be with your kiddos too! The Glow Bugs aren't yet available for purchase but keep an eye out on the Zoobies Facebook page to learn when they will be released.


Alexandra said...

They do look cute! I am kinda shocked nowadays its possible to buy a glowing toy that's so soft and safe for a kid. Will def try out (my nephew is somehow scared of the dark - it may be a perfect solution!)

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