Friday, February 22, 2013

Will Weight Watchers Work For Me?

As you may know, I've been struggling with my weight for some time now. I was part of a diet program a few months ago and although I did mange to lose 20 pounds, I quickly realized that the program just wasn't for me. I'm not one that can stick to a program where I have to eat certain foods, especially pre-packaged frozen foods. That is why I decided to give Weight Watchers a try.

The Weight Watchers program is built on four pillars that are critical for weight management: diet, activity, support, and behavior. Weight Watchers doesn’t teach you how to diet, instead they inspire and help you adopt a healthier way to live.

When you join the Weight Watchers 360* you are first asked about yourself... Your weight, your height, your exercise routine, etc... Then you are given a PointsPlus Target as well as a PointsPlus Allowance. Every food and drink has a PointsPlus value, and what you eat and drink each day should add up to your daily PointsPlus Target. You can basically eat whatever you like, but you want to stay within your PointsPlus Target each day. Then, the PointsPlus Allowance allows you to eat or drink a little something special each day or a couple days a week, you just have to stick within your weekly allowance.

One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers, besides the fact that I'm not actually "dieting" is the fact that it's so easy to track what you're eating using the PointsPlus Tracker. I also really love that all fresh fruit and most vegetables (except starchy veggies like potatoes) have been assigned PointsPlus values of 0 since they're already factored into your daily PointsPlus Target. So, when you've gone through your PointsPlus for the day, you know that if you're hungry you need to grab a fruit or vegetable to snack on... It's a great way to train yourself to reach for healthy snacks rather than fatty ones.

I've only been on Weight Watchers for a couple days now, and I'm still getting used to staying within my PointsPlus Target, but I'm really excited to see if this is something that I can stick with. I've heard great things about Weight Watchers from friends and family, and I really think it will work for me! Be sure to come back every month to see how I'm doing!

Has Weight Watchers worked for you or someone you know? I'd love to hear your success stories!!

Disclosure: Weight Watchers provided me with a 3-Month Trial Membership for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own. *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.


Lucy Lopez said...

I am on Weight Watchers and have been for the a year now. I have lost so far 47 pounds. I love the program because it is easy to follow and it doesn't feel like a diet. It is a healthy lifestyle change. You can do it.

Danielle Meek said...

That is awesome, Lucy! Thanks for the encouragement :)

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