Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bigger Bed for a Better Night’s Sleep {Guest Post}

There are so many obvious reasons why couples sleep better in super king size beds than in standard double beds. First of all it makes sense that a larger bed avoids you being disturbed by your other half at night since partner disturbance is one of the most common complaints responsible for poor sleep. Rather than listing all the reasons demonstrating the advantages of sleeping in a large bed, here are our top three.

Most adults in a double bed have their elbows touching
Even if most couples fall asleep side by side curled up with one another, only a few manage to keep this position throughout the night and it is more likely that they will separate at some point to maximize their individual comfort. Depending on your respective size and weight, there is a simple exercise that should give you a great insight into the bed size you two need in order to optimize your sleeping space and individual comfort. As a rule of thumb, yourself and your other half should be able to lie on a bed side by side with your arms placed behind your heads and your elbows out without touching.

Two adults in a double bed have the same sleeping space than a baby in a cot
A double bed is only 135cm wide and 190cm long (this is roughly equivalent to 4ft 6in wide) which only provides you and your partner at most with 67cm of space each (2ft 3in). Putting these dimensions into context, this means that a double bed only gives 2 adults the same amount of space each as a baby in a cot.  This probably explains why most European countries including Belgium, Greece and Finland have already adopted a standard bed size of 160cm by 200cm while British are still very attached to the traditional double bed size. However a 160cm wide and 200cm long bed isn’t a standardized bed size you can find in the UK market as it is like an intermediary size in between a British king size (150cm by 200cm) and super king size bed (180cm by 200cm).

Moving up a bed size costs less than you think
Knowing that you are supposed to change your bed and mattress every seven years, that you will spend nearly one third of your life sleeping in bed and that sizing up your bed will only cost you an average extra of £100 it is easy to do the math. It simply means that moving up a bed size will cost you 3.9p per night depending on whether you go for a king size or a super king size bed!


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