Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BEARPAW - Comfortable Shoes Year Round!

I have a huge obsession with BEARPAW boots! I own several pairs and they're all I wear during colder months. Not only are they oh-so-comfortable, but they also go with practically everything, and for a fraction of the price of similar style boots.

Well, back in the beginning of Spring I was searching the web for flip flops when I came across BEARPAW's new Spring collection. I honestly had no idea they made flip flops and sandals but as soon as I saw them I immediately fell in love.

Of course you can imagine my excitement when BEARPAW offered to send me not one, but a variety of Spring/Summer styles to review. I told them my size (which I knew would fit because I've been wearing BEARPAW boots for years) and they picked out a few styles they knew I would love.

My absolute favorite of the styles I received are the Holly slip-on shoes. Now, I've never been one to rock the slip-on look but as soon as I tried them on I couldn't take them off. They're simple, they're casual, and they are almost as comfortable as a pair of BEARPAW boots on a chilly winter day. These shoes are made of a washes canvas that is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer and they're sure to go with just about any outfit.

Because I live in flip flops during the Summer I was really happy to receive a pair of Canna and a pair of Lilly flip flops to review as well. The Canna flip flops are made of a super soft nubuck material and are absolutely perfect for everyday wear. They're comfortable, cute, stylish, and are available in the most gorgeous turquoise color. The Lilly flip flops are more casual flip flop made of soft rubber and are perfect for beach going, summer cookouts, and lazy days at the park. They're the classic flip flops that no girl can live without, and why would they want to?!

Lastly, I also received a pair of Anne sandals. I immediately fell in love with the sophisticated, casual style, as well as the soft feel of the suede. I was a little worried that the heel strap would make them less comfortable, but because they feature an adjustable buckle they feel like they were made just for you. They're so comfortable and so stylish, I really couldn't ask for a better pair of sandals.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a BEARPAW fanatic so I might be a little biased when it comes to they're shoes but regardless, I highly recommend them! Whether you're in need of a comfy pair of boots or casual flip flops, BEARPAW has got you covered!

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