Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding Deals on High Priced Items and Services {Guest Post}

Who would have thought that coupons would become trendy? But today you can find coupons and online deals for virtually anything. Many people use them for groceries, clothing, and day-to-day general needs. But what about big ticket items like cars, expensive jewelry, or even legal services? Yep, you can find discounts and hot online deals for even the high priced items and services you or your family might be searching for.

Good Deals for Great Cars

Stacey L. Bradford of cites, “These days, the best way to purchase a new car might be to skip the dealership and head online”. Gone are the days of having to deal with skulking car sales people who like to follow you around the auto lot and encourage markups and add-ons. And though there are some good car dealership and sales people out there, Bradford lists some of the ways you can save money, as well as time and frustration by going online.

- The professionals you deal with online make their commissions on volume rather than price so they’re eager to get cars sold.
- Dealerships know online competition is steep and are more willing to give better deals.
- You can arrange all the aftermarket products online and skip having to deal the finance-and-insurance managers who often squeeze more money out of you.
- By going online you can check reviews, Kelly Blue Book prices, and have a good arsenal of information to haggle with.

Accessible Accessories

Give me breakfast at Tiffany’s and the diamond ring to go with it! Nowadays you don’t have to be financially well-off to dress, or even accessorize like it. With coupons and online deals you can locate that perfect piece of jewelry and find a way to get it for less. Sites like Bluefly are known to not only have hot designers like Louboutin, or Prada but they also have hot deals and discounts on these items too. Get a Jimmy Choo wallet for $120 off or a Burberry belt for $60 below retail. If you really want to step it up, buy a ‘previously owned’ Rolex watch from Tourneau for a fraction of the valued price.

Groupon Lawyers guide Donna L. Montaldo shares that ‘Groupon’ “uses the power of group purchasing to offer a daily deal”. Typically people who have used, or heard about Groupon think about using it for deals on:
- Restaurants.
- Entertainment.
- Travel deals.
- Retail shops.
- Lessons.

But what if the discount you needed wasn’t for something fun, but very necessary? What if you wanted to put together a Will, had a malpractice suit and needed a Cerebral Palsy lawyer, or required other legal services but couldn’t it? Mark Sweet posted at how lawyers are using Groupon, Living Social, and other coupon sites to find new clients and offer discount deals for their services. One attorney office offered services for Wills and Power of Attorney documents discounted from $651 to $99.

Redo the Family Compound

Home repairs and remodeling is one of the biggest expenses families incur. But with help from sites like you can find local deals and online coupons for home repairs and remodeling jobs.

Some of the deals you might find:
- Florida:
- Free estimates on air conditioner replacement and repairs.
- $2,695 Off a new air conditioner.
- 10% Off roofing repairs.
- California:
- 20% Off of tree services.
- A complete kitchen remodel for $4,399.
- 50% Off of plumbing services.

Using coupons and finding online deals isn’t just for a few dollars off of your favorite cereal. With a little due diligence and an open mind you might be surprised at how you can save online for high priced items and services.

Contribution made by Laura Johnson


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