Friday, June 28, 2013

K'NEX Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station Review

I remember building with Lincoln Logs when I was a little girl and I used to think they were the best things ever. The real wood logs always made the best log cabins, and being a girl from Maine I could appreciate that. Well, you can imagine my excitement when K'NEX sent us a Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station to review as part of the K'NEX Brand Ambassador Program.

When our Lincoln Logs first arrived I think I was more excited to tear the box open than my boys. They weren't very familiar with Lincoln Logs so it was great to be able to share a favorite of mine with them. Of course, being the boys that they are, they jumped right on the Lincoln Logs bandwagon and have been building with them non-stop ever since.

The Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station features 83 pieces including real wood logs along with colorful figures and accessories consisting of a cowboy and horse, a roof, and a door. There are a ton of different building options with this set and it's fun to watch what my boys' creative minds will come up with.

When it comes to Lincoln Logs you can always rely on the quality and this set is no exception. But what I really love about Lincoln Logs is the fact that you can mix and match different sets to create your own rustic log town equipped with ranches, cabins, and horse stables. It's a great way to let your kiddos imagination run wild!

You can purchase the Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station at toy retailers nationwide for $28.99 and at And make sure you check out the other sets that are available as well.


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