Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas is Coming! What's on Your List?

It’s hard to believe that in just a few days we’ll be celebrating Halloween. I love Halloween, not just to see my boys dressed as ghouls and maybe steal a few chocolates from them, but it means that Christmas is just around the corner.

Most moms get stressed out when it comes to Christmas (and no doubt I will be nearer the time) but right now I’m just enjoying feeling festive. I’ve already started looking for gift ideas to try and beat the rush on the run up to the big day, although I know I’ll still end up in the mall come Christmas Eve.

Santa is feeling generous this year, so here’s what he’s thinking of getting those who make it onto the nice list…

For the boys
I’m still waiting for the boy’s Christmas lists this year, but I already have a few things in mind for them. I’ve been reading a few articles online and it seems like Disney Infinity, a game where you can make specially designed action figures come to life, is the latest toy craze. I don’t normally like giving my boys video games as you can never be sure if the content will be suitable, with so many games featuring violence. However, being Disney I know that the content will be appropriate. You can find out more about Disney Infinity here.

I always like to get them something a little bit more personal too. I was a little stumped for ideas this year, having already went down the personalized pajamas and pencils route previously. Then I stumbled across Your Design, a company that offers a great range of personalized gifts. The boys are pirate mad at the moment, so this personalized treasure chest will go down a storm, especially as it is filled with yummy chocolate coins.

For Nate
As I am sure most other wives will agree, I always find my husband Nate quite tricky to buy for. I always end up buying him things that sound good at the time, that we never get around to using. We have countless DVDs that we simply haven’t had the time to sit down and enjoy together. This year, I think I’ll keep it practical with maybe a cozy sweatshirt or aftershave.

Let’s just hope that Santa’s good to me too!

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Ida @ Second Chances Girl said...

I've already started my shopping. My kids have asked for Disney Infinity and we just got a WiiU so that will be a biggie this year. Then of course all the Lego's, dolls and action figures. The only issue I am having this year is where to hide everything, my kids are being so sneaky.

nessa101 said...

all three girls want sumo bean bags and my 1 year old is all about mickey mouse and two year old is about jake and trains

Lindsey E. Murphy said...

"Snow my gosh!" I am ALL ABOUT pre-Christmas anything. Thanks for this. I have 3 nieces and nephews under the age of 10 for whom I am already scratching my head about gifts. Do you remember the JCPenny catalog? That thing made it so fun (for me as a kid) and easy (for parents, I presume) to know what to get kids. It was like an analog Pinterest back in the day lol! Michael's has this adoreable "wish list" Live Elf thing going that I think sort of mimics that. I would love to hear how you and your boys love it. I'm a grown woman with no kids (though I babysit!) and I've been all it almost all day. This post made me think of it. Would love to see you post about it!

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