Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Advice for Moving with Children

I know a lot of moms and dads who have had to deal with a difficult situation when it comes to moving home: children aren’t keen on change, and many tears can be shed when little ones are informed they will have to make new friends in a strange neighborhood.

However, this doesn't have to be an upsetting experience for you and your family. As long as you take the right approach, moving home can be an exciting rather than daunting process. Here are my top pieces of advice if you’re looking to relocate with kids:

1. Keep the kids informed from the get-go
It is extremely important that you don’t try to make your plans to move a secret from the little ones – as I know with my two boys, children are eerily intuitive when things are being kept from them!

From the first moment you and your partner have set your hearts on moving, you should sit the kids down and let them know. Just explain to them why you would like to move and how it could make the family happier. They will probably have a lot of questions; be patient and honest.

2. Make the process fun
There are plenty of ways you can make moving home fun for the kids, and doing so will ensure they associate the change with positivity. Firstly, let your little ones look with you as you search for a new home on websites such as Gentoo or in estate agent windows – kids hate to be left out!

It might be impractical to take the children to every viewing, but make sure they tag along on those consequent viewings, and show them what their new bedroom would look like. When the move is confirmed, consider letting them choose a new color for their room’s d├ęcor. UKTV has some great inspiration!

3. Get them used to their new home early
Once you have had an offer accepted on a house, take the opportunity before the keys are handed over to acclimatize to their new lifestyle. This means taking trips to the new neighborhood a few times and showing them all the fun things that are around, such as playgrounds.

If your new home is not too far away, you could even the change the kids’ nursery early, so that all the changes don’t come at once, or sign them up for a local club, giving them the opportunity to make friends before the move - they’ll be excited to relocate in the end!

Need some more advice? Iowa State University has made this handy guide on moving with kids.

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