Thursday, December 19, 2013

Encourage Tweens to Use Their Imaginations with Keepers of the Lost Art Comic Books!

Are your Tweens spending more time texting on their iPhones and watching TV than they are having fun and using their imaginations? Truth is, nowadays you rarely see kids physically playing and interacting with each other thanks to our over digitalized world. Well now, with the help of Keepers of the Lost Art we're going to encourage our kiddos to do what kids do best - use their imaginations!

Keepers of the Lost Art is an innovative new line of comic books and website for tweens that promote the lost art of being a kid! Not only can kids have a blast reading about fun and adventure in the Keepers of the Lost Art comic books, but they can also make their own interactive online experience from home experiments to classic games to crafts and other offline activities. This is especially great for those kiddos that just refuse to give up using their computers and iPads, but now they can use their imaginations online too.