Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Resisting by Chelle Bliss {Cover Reveal}

Resisting Ebook

Resisting ~ Part of the Owned Anthology
Men of Inked Series #3.5
by Chelle Bliss

Coming November 10, 2014

Owned Anthology Pre-Order Available:
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*Resisting WILL be available in paperback separately while Owned is available.

I belong to no one.

It’s the way I’ve chosen to live. Master of my own destiny, finding my way through this bullshit thing called life.

I learned from a young age how to get my way. Being a woman isn’t a weakness. It’s the opposite. I’ve spent my life being surrounded by four overbearing brothers, but I’ve never been a wallflower. Independent and unwilling to be tied down, I grabbed life by the balls and lived it to the fullest.

I was enjoying myself, minding my own business at my brothers wedding. Then WHAM.

Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe? My answer would’ve been no before he tempted me into his bed.

I’m talking about the big damn bang.

Everything that I thought was right, suddenly spins on its axis and bitch slaps me in the face.


Throttle Me (Book 1): Hook Me (Book 2): Throttled (Book 2.5): Resist Me (Book 3): Resisting (Book 3.5):


USA Today Bestselling Author Chelle Bliss, is an American author who writes stories about real life scenarios with fantasy Alpha males. Her works include humor as well as steamy sex.

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