Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Author Sale

Black Friday is known for it's amazing sales and this year, 14 authors have joined together to bring you a .99 cent sale of SO MANY BOOKS! Check them out below then get to one clicking before the prices go back up!

Vicki Green:
Cheri Lasota:
Adrianne James:
K. Aybara:
Tessa Teevan:
Jill Cooper, Royale:
Jill Cooper, Apocalypse:
NL Greene, Begin:
NL Greene, Twisted:
Heather Allen:
Jen Rattie:
Carrigan Richards, Pieces:
Carrigan Richards, Under Blood:
Carrigan Richards, Under Burning:
Jessi Gibson, Harder I fall:
Jessi Gibson, The Deeper:
Heather Adkins, Motherofall:
Heather Adkins, HeavenBelow:
RL Griffin:
Dawn Pendleton:


Kristin Vayden said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for participating in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday book promotion for myself, Sunniva Dee and many others! You bloggers are so appreciated! Thank you for all your help! We authors would be lost without you!

Kristin Vayden

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