Monday, November 10, 2014

P’Jamerz Review & Prize Pack Giveaway #MPMHGG

Do your kids have a fear of sleeping? Are they worried about nightmares or creatures that go bump in the night? Well, P'Jamerz might just be the product for them!

P'Jamerz is a new product that is launching through Kickstarter. Created to help children conquer their own fears and anxiety of sleeping, P'Jamerz features four fun characters, and of course a villain. Each toy comes with a beautifully illustrated bed time story that will spark your child's imagination and help them conquer their fears of sleep.

The P'Jamerz Story:
"When you fall asleep you go to a magical place. Here you can be or do anything, a place where your imagination has no limits. This is the kingdom of Dreamworld, guarded by the enchanted fairies. However one being has sought to corrupt Dreamworld and turn it into a place of fear and darkness. Knightmare seeks to destroy all the good in Dreamworld. The fairies need the children of the world to help win back Dreamworld from the clutches of Knightmare. Only children with the purest of heart and truest of imaginations will be chosen to be the heroes of Dreamworld… P’JAMERZ"

P'Jamerz Characters:
Archie the Brave
Archie is energetic and has tremendous heart to face anything that is thrown at him. Since you can always find him out front he is looked to as the P’Jamerz leader.

Karis the Strong
Karis has the biggest heart and is willing to help others in need especially those who do not have the strength to help themselves.

Jia the Swift
Jia is the calmest of the group always looking at the bigger picture. Her family attitude helps keep the group working as one.

Tommy the Quick
Tommy is the smartest most resourceful of the P’Jamerz, he has learned to do much more with his powers than the other P’Jamerz.

We were recently sent a P'Jamerz package to review that includes the P'Jamerz storybook, two plush toys (Archie and Knightmare), two character cards, and a sticker, plus the link to Episode One of the animated video of the story. My boys are HUGE plush animal collectors (or hoarders, if you will) so of course they love the P'Jamerz toys. But what they really love is the storybook.

The storybook starts off with Archie, a little boy who's scared of the monsters, ghosts, and creatures he's imagining in his room at bedtime, then once he falls asleep he meets Knightmare, ruler of Dreamworld, who doesn't want children to dream of happy things. A fight ensues, and Archie then meets Starseed, a Talisman sent to help Archie defeat Knightmare by giving him and other special kids magical power to transform and harness the power of their animal pajamas.

Since we received Archie to review, we only received his story, however, I imagine if you purchase all of the P'Jamerz you'd get a story for each character. Of course my boys are already begging for the rest of the P'Jamerz to add to their collection.

Whether your kids have trouble sleeping or not, P'Jamerz are still a great way to spark their imagination and are sure to be a huge hit. Check out to learn more about the P'Jamerz story and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign by clicking the image below.

Four lucky readers are going to win The P'Jamerz Package ($30 value) that includes:
1 book (Archie's story), 2 P'Jamerz plush toys (Archie & Knightmare), 2 Character cards, 1 P'Jamerz sticker & the link to the animated video of the story - Episode 1.

Winners will receive the 1st look at a new product launching through Kickstarter. You will receive your prize regardless of the Kickstarter campaigns success!

Open to US residents only, ages 18+

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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Esperanza Garcia said...

My son would love Jia the Swift character.

Kirstie said...

My kids would love Archie the Brave!

Ken Ohl said...

I think my niece would love Archie the Brave. thankyou, ken

D Schmidt mummytotwoboys said...

Visited and I think my children would love Karis the Strong

cindy jones said...

My son would love Archie the Brave.

Amy B said...

Tommy the Quick is my favorite!

janell wagner said...

i think my gkids would like the little girl jia

Carol L. said...

My grandsons would Archie the Brave and Jia the Swift. What a great way to help the little ones overcome their fear.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol ( dot) com

Lynn Gutner said...

Every night its an issue - what a wonderful and gentle way to help the nighttime fears!

Joan Kubes said...

I think my kids would like Jia the Swift. Her family attitude helps keep the group working as one.

wcaligirl said...

They are in LA. My daughter would like Jia.

mommy2one126 said...

I think my daughter would like Jia The Swift

bison61 said...

my granddaughter would like Karis the Strong

tiramisu392 (at)

Kimberly said...

I think my daughter would like Archie the Brave

Christa Lopez said...

I love Archie the Brave for my son!

Jessamine Dungo said...

My daughters would probably like Karis. :)

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