Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Shifter's Choice by Jenna Kernan {ARC Review}

The Shifter's Choice
by Jenna Kernan

They took his humanity…but left a hero's heart. 

Feisty and street-wise, Private Sofia Touma has too much at stake to risk being distracted from her duty to the marine corps. That is, until she's assigned to help the compelling and disabled veteran Johnny Lam. More than a war hero, he's also a werewolf who can't shift back to human form. And Sofia is quickly, inexplicably drawn to him. Unlike Sofia, Johnny understands the risks involved in her loving a monster. But with each day bringing them closer together, he isn't sure he'll be able to continue to do the honorable thing…or protect her from the enemies intent on keeping him a werewolf forever.

I read The Vampire's Wolf by Jenna Kernan over the summer, and while I didn't particularly love the book I was intrigued by Johnny, one of the side characters, and was really hoping to be able to learn more about him. Well, imagine my excitement when I found out that Jenna Kernan was indeed giving Johhny his own book. 

Johnny in a marine that was involved in a viscous werewolf attack while serving in Afghanistan and while he survived the attack, he's been stuck in werewolf form ever since. Poor Johnny is depressed and considering suicide as opposed to spending the rest of his life as a monster. 

In walks his new sign language teacher, Sonia, and suddenly he's hopeful again. Of course, Johnny doesn't want to learn to sign as he feels that he's giving up if he does, so he tries to push Sonia away. Luckily, Sonia doesn't have any other option so she sticks it out. 

Sonia has had a rough life and joining the marine corps was her only option. She wants to finish her four years, get out, and get a home with her little sister. Sonia is tough, yet vulnerable, and she feels an instant connection with Johhny, which leads to a great friendship. 

The romance between Johnny and Sonia is slow because he spends the first 50% stuck in werewolf form, but you can really feel their connection and can't help but be hopeful that they'll eventually find a cure for Johnny and they'll get their HEA. 

There are definitely some ups and downs in this book. One minute I was hopeful that Johnny would get his cure, and the next I was fearing the worst. Johnny definitely makes some stupid choices, in my opinion, but who am I to judge since I've never been stuck in werewolf form?!

I don't want to go into to much detail... Does Johnny get his cure? Does he stay stuck as a werewolf? Do Sonia and Johnny get their HEA? I can't really say too much without ruining the experience so I'll just say this... If you enjoy a good paranormal romance, you should definitely check out The Shifter's Choice. 

Disclosure: I was provided with an ARC of The Shifter's Choice through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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