Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Ways to Save at a Baseball Game {Guest Post}

In light of the rising cost of tickets to major league baseball games, many families are wondering whether they can even afford going to one game this season, let alone multiple. And tickets are only part of the overall cost; there’s also parking, overpriced concessions stand food, and team apparel to account for. No worries, however: there’s still hope for baseball-loving families on a budget:

Cheap Tickets
The struggling economy has weakened sales for so-called “luxury items” such as sporting event tickets and to keep up attendance, some franchises have begun offering their tickets on daily deals sites such as Groupon. They’re certainly not the best seats in the house, but if you don’t feel like paying $30+ per seat, then this can be a viable alternative to ticket prices you’d pay at the gate. CheapTickets and Stub Hub are also great resources for discounted tickets to MLB games.