Saturday, October 25, 2014

Familiar Ground by Michelle Lynn {Sale Blitz}

Familiar Ground
by Michelle Lynn

ad·dic·tion noun \ə-ˈdik-shən, a-\
: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something
: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something

Leah and Adam have never met.
However, they live parallel lives.
Lives plagued by addiction.

When a tragic, but common demon, surfaces between their siblings, Leah and Adam’s worlds collide, never to be the same again.

Adam loses his sister forever.
Leah’s brother returns.
Both gain a niece, neither knew existed.

Now they face an obstacle to raise a niece together while Leah’s brother struggles to free himself from the grip of drug addiction as Adam’s family grieves for the sister and daughter they lost.

A commonality is discovered.
Deep wounds begin to heal.
Lines blur as their lives entwine.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ophelia by Jude Ouvrard {Blog Tour & Giveaway}

by Jude Ouvrard

For teenage musical prodigy Ophelia Stewart, life couldn't be better. She has a loving family, a friend who is closer than a sister, and big professional dreams to pursue. But Ophelia’s perfect world is shattered when a disaster claims her parents and forces her into a center for emotionally damaged children where she is required to finish her senior year far from her best friend. Lost and alone, Ophelia tries to cut herself off from connecting with the other young people there, however one of them, Teodore de Luca, refuses to be put off. Breaking through her restraint, the young man insinuates himself into her life, where he becomes her new support system.

Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop - Nickelodeon Halloween DVD Bundle Giveaway #HoppinHalloween

Welcome to the Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop hosted by MamaNYC. This event will run from October 24th through October 31st, so after you've entered our giveaway, be sure to hop along to the rest of the blogs to see what kind of treats they have up for grabs!

Here at Life With Two Boys one lucky reader is going to win 6 super cool Nickelodeon Halloween DVD's featuring your kids favorite Nick characters (ARV $78). 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Here With Me by Heidi McLaughlin {Release Day Blitz & Giveaway}

Here With Me 
by Heidi McLaughlin

Ryley Clarke has grown up with the military in her blood, with both parents serving their country. Ryley knows the risks of being married to the military. But when the unthinkable happens, and her future husband is killed in action, Ryley can barely survive... until Evan's twin brother, Nate, helps her pick up the pieces.

After serving on a special mission with the military for six years, Evan Archer returns home to find the unthinkable - the love of his life, Ryley Clarke - engaged to his brother, Nate. With Nate on deployment, Evan needs to figure out what happened in his absence, and more importantly, how to win Ryley back from the man he once considered his best friend, but now thinks of as his rival.

Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden {Blog Tour}

Her Purrfect Match (Paranormal Dating Agency #3)
by Milly Taiden

Coming October 24, 2014

Alyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man. She has very specific needs and goes to visit Mrs. Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency. Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. 

Grayson Green needs a mate. Fast. But he refuses to be pushed into anything. That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him. Who is he to argue with someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him? 

Of course, not all is at it seems and some people want Alyssa gone and Gray dead. If Gray mates, the future of his pride will be sealed and no one can argue his place as leader. Unless it can be stopped before they ever get a chance to make some cubs. He will have to work hard at convincing a human she’s the only one for him or lose his pride and his mate.

Light Her Fire by Samanthe Beck {Book Blitz, Review, & Giveaway}

Light Her Fire (Private Pleasures #2)
by Samanthe Beck

He’ll show this good girl the thrill of being bad… 

Good girl Melody Merritt is ready to be bad. Fresh out of an unsatisfying ten-year engagement to the town golden boy, she’s determined to make up for lost time. And who better to burn her sterling reputation to the ground than Bluelick’s sinfully sexy new fire chief whose wicked gaze promises complete and utter domination? Yes, please.

Corrupting the prim and proper Little Miss Bluelick is the most action Josh Bradley’s seen since he transferred from Cincinnati to fast-track his career. He won’t let anything or anyone—not even the delectable Melody Merritt—trap him in this Kentucky-fried Mayberry, but when their searing chemistry yields an unexpected result, he realizes he’s started a blaze that's completely beyond his control…

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TeenyFreaks Toy Review & Giveaway *Two Winners*

Trevor is one of those kids that loves to hoard toys. He'll collect all of his little toys and carry them around in a bucket, a little backpack, or he'll stuff them in his pockets. So, of course, when I was asked if we wanted to review TeenyFreaks I jumped on the opportunity.

TeenyFreaks are 1-inch collectible figures with a split personality. Each figure features a friendly neighborhood citizen on one side and a freaky alter-ego on the other. These figures come randomly assorted in blind packs with puzzle pieces that when completed create a collectible mini-poster and TeenyTown play set.

Riding It Out by Jennifer Foor {Cover Reveal}

Riding It Out 
by Jennifer Foor

Coming December 28, 2014

One woman
One man
An empty bed and breakfast
A summer storm
One night they'll never forget - so they thought...

Wreck Me (Nova #4) by Jessica Sorensen {Release Day Blitz & Giveaway}

Wreck Me (Nova #4) 
by Jessica Sorensen

When Avery Hensley met Conner Wellings, she thought she’d found the guy she was going to spend the rest of her life with. She got married young and had the most beautiful son in the world.

Life seemed perfect.

But not everything is what it seems.

Turned out Conner had another side to him, a darker side that Avery didn’t see coming. He wrecked and broke her into a thousand pieces, leaving Avery to put herself back together. From then on, Avery vows never to let a man into her life again.

But then she meets Tristan Morganson. He’s sweet and sexy and wrecks Avery in a different way than Conner did, the kind of way that makes her feel alive again, the kind of way that makes her think maybe not all guys are bad. But can Avery trust him enough to let her walls come crumbling down?

Fall for New Reads Giveaway Event

Ten New Adult and Young Adult authors team together to bring readers some hot new reads this fall season. So while the weather’s cooling down, your e-reader is just warming up! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to WIN a $10.00 Amazon gift card and an eBook prize pack from one of the featured authors. The eBook prize packs are showcased next to each author's bio. Enjoy, and good luck!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel {Book Trailer Reveal & Goodreads Giveaway}

The Book of Ivy 
by Amy Engel

Coming November 11, 2014

After a brutal nuclear war, the United States was left decimated. A small group of survivors eventually banded together, but only after more conflict over which family would govern the new nation. The Westfalls lost. Fifty years later, peace and control are maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning group in a yearly ritual.

This year, it is my turn.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Giveaway

BuyDig Giveaway

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Giveaway! 

This giveaway is sponsored by and hosted by Bay Area Mommy. Special thanks to our cohosts Jenns Blah Blah Blog, Jays Sweet N Sour Life, Finger Click Saver, What's Up? Reviews and Giveaways, and Deliciously Savvy!

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Black 16GB 10.1" Tablet - 1.2 GHz Quad Core, Android 4.4, Kit Kat -- an affordable tablet designed to be everything to everyone. Endless entertainment options, new multi-user mode and a brand new design will make this tablet hard for anyone to put down.
- Brilliant 10.1" widescreen HD display delivers clear text & bright colors
- Perfect for the family to enjoy games, movies, books, magazines & more
- Sleek, light design with expandable memory, Multi-User mode, and Multi Window capability

Skylanders Trap Team Now Available for Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, and Tablet!

With two boys video games are a big thing in our house. If the boys aren't outside playing, they're most likely playing games on their Xbox 360 or their Kindles. And honestly, with video games being so much cooler these days than when I was growing up, I can't say that I blame them!

One of their absolute favorite games to play on their Xbox 360 is Skylanders Swap Force, so when I was asked if we wanted to review the new Skylanders Trap Team I jumped on the opportunity.

The Cowboy's Gamble by Janelle Denison {Blog Tour}

The Cowboy's Gamble
by Janelle Denison

Released Today ~ October 20, 2014

Eleven years ago Seth O'Connor left Josie McAllister brokenhearted.  But now the sexy, smooth talking cowboy is on her doorstep, with a legal document that laid claim not only to McAllister property but to Josie, as well.

Learning that her father had gambled away not just the family ranch, but Josie's future on one game of cards has her fighting to safeguard her home, along with protecting her daughter from a past filled with painful secrets between her and Seth.  

But this cowboy is determined to claim what is now rightfully his, and Josie has a difficult choice to make.  She can either give up her home to her family nemesis, or marry a man she'd taught herself to hate….