Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ghostly Liaison by Stacy McKitrick {ARC Review}

Ghostly Liaison (Ghostly Encounters #1)
by Stacy McKitrick

Coming January 19, 2015

Avoiding love is hard. Catching a killer can be fatal…

When Rob’s sister passed away, she left him her dog and her house. He can handle the dog part, but he doesn’t need another home. Especially a fixer-upper the neighbor swears is haunted.

Then he meets Bridget, who’s working on getting her life back together after a car accident left her scarred in more ways than one. She can’t pass up Rob’s offer of free lodging, regardless of the shape it’s in. Or the roommate that’s part of the package. She’s never believed in ghosts, but now she’s living with one who wants Bridget’s help in catching a killer. There’s only one problem: the killer has unfinished business…

Ghostly Liaison is unlike any paranormal book I've ever read. Sure, I've read a few books about ghosts but Ghostly Liaison took seeing dead people to a whole new level.

After a car accident that killed her, then put her in a coma for months after she was resuscitated, Bridget is finally starting to get her life back on track.... Other than the pesky hallucinations she's been having. On her first day to work in her cousin's veterinary office she runs into Rob and the sparks immediately fly.

Rob instantly knows that Bridget is the one, and though her cousin has deemed her off-limits, he can't help offering her to stay at his sister's house while he works on fixing it up after the previous tenants left it in shambles. And Bridget, who is desperate to get out from under her parents roof, jumps on the opportunity.

It's there that Bridget meets Charlie, Rob's deceased sister, and learns that her hallucinations haven't been hallucinations at all... She see's and hear's ghosts. While Rob believed that Charlie committed suicide, Charlie confides in Bridget that she was murdered and the two work together to figure out how to get proof.

While there is a blossoming romance between Bridget and Rob, mainly Rob trying to get close and Bridget pushing him away because she feels he deserves better, what really kept my focus was Charlie... Will they be able to find proof that she was murdered so that she can finally move on?

Well of course I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that if you are a fan of paranormal you should definitely check out Ghostly Liaison.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of Ghostly Liaison through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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